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Why Infocyte

The nine words we love to hear: Wow. You actually do what you say you do.

Veteran-founded Infocyte is the only Managed Detection and Response (MDR) provider solely focused on detection and response, enabling you to deploy it with your existing Endpoint Protection Platform (EPP) investments or MS Defender. Infocyte also provides Microsoft 365 Security within its platform, making compliance simple.

Infocyte guarantees that we will respond to a security event in 60 minutes or less. We help keep your events from becoming incidents. See how we stack up to others in the space:

Carbon Black
Microsoft 365 Security Module
Agentless deployment option
Veteran founded and friendly
Transparent pricing options
MDR: 24X7 SOC Monitoring & 'First Hour' Guarantee IR Support
Live memory forensics & analysis
Security value in hours with SaaS-based delivery model
Extensible and scalable response capabilities
AI and ML based real-time monitoring and threat detection
Next Gen AV endpoint protection platform capabilities
Monthly cost per node (all in)

*Infocyte + MS Defender provides entire endpoint solution at much lower cost and complexity. Learn more >>

Ready to learn more about how Infocyte is an easy path to implement EDR or MDR?

Download Forrester's Now Tech Report: Managed Detection and Response Services Providers

Reactive vs. Proactive Cyber Security

Over 50% of breaches go undetected by existing cyber defense tools.

Defensive cybersecurity tools are designed to guard the gate to your environment, like a camera pointed at a doorway, they react to prevent known cyber attacks. Today's sophisticated threat actors utilize multi-stage, delayed detection techniques to avoid detection for days, weeks, even months.

Proactive cybersecurity is the practice of detecting, isolating and remediating the cyber threats your defensive technologies missed, misidentified as non-threatening or can no longer analyze due to short data retention policies.

Infocyte enables you to strike first and strike fast against sophisticated cyber attacks. Our advanced forensics-based solution resolves historical forensic data with real-time event data so you can quickly determine root cause to identify and isolate patient zero.

With Infocyte you can automatically detect, and respond to fileless malware, advanced persistent threats, hidden breaches and more.

Find out why Infocyte is the leading independent, cloud-native platform for Detection & Incident Response and how it reinforces your entire cybersecurity ecosystem.