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White Papers

Important information, research, and studies related to proactive cyber security, threat intelligence, new cyber technologies/techniques, and general cybersecurity best practices.

White Paper: The Breach Detection Gap and Strategies to Close It

Understand why adversaries can persist in networks, limitations of current technologies, ways to expose hidden threats, and how to strengthen your existing security ecosystem with technology and processes.

White Paper: Assessing Cyber Security Risk in a Breached World

As threats to networks and data evolve, risk managers must quickly discover and address security breaches, validating whether an IT environment is clean, and answering the vital question: “Are we currently breached?”

White Paper: Cybersecurity in the Financial Sector

Our entire financial sector is the target of cyber attacks, facing unique threats and challenges, including custom malware. Read this white paper to learn about improving your approach and securing your critical assets.

White Paper: Protecting Enterprises from Unknown Malware

As new malware is created and existing malware evolves, traditional anti-virus and EDR solutions can't keep up. Learn how organizations are adopting more advanced, proactive threat detection measures.

White Paper: Anatomy of a Cyber Attack and Breach Detection

Understand the makeup of cyber attacks, differences between traditional proactive detection and prevention solutions vs. Infocyte, and where these security tools fit within your overall ecosystem.

White Paper: Cyber Strategies for Reducing Attacker Dwell Time

Learn limitations of existing security technologies for exposing hidden cyber threats and how proactive detection improves your existing security infrastructure, helping you deny attackers the ability to persist.