White Papers


Anatomy of a Cyber Attack

Looking to capitalize on the benefits, the security market has suddenly become crowded with solutions that all claim to offer threat hunting capabilities: EDR, DFIR, Behavior Analysis and Forensic State Analysis (FSA). This paper will help you understand the differences between threat hunting tools and the role each plays in breach detection and prevention, and where solutions such as Infocyte Hunt fit within the tool belt of the hunter.


Reducing Attacker Dwell Time

This white paper examines why adversaries are successful in persisting in networks; the limitations of existing security technologies and methodologies to discover threats once they are inside; and how dedicated hunt technology and processes can work with your existing security infrastructure to deny attackers the ability to persist undetected.


Protecting the Enterprise Against Unknown Malware

What you can't see can hurt you. Malware is being developed at such a fast rate that traditional anti-virus and anti-malware software solutions are struggling to keep up. This white paper explores why threat hunting is an essential tool to combat the rise of unknown malware. 


Assessing Cybersecurity Risk in a Breached World

This white paper introduces the role and need for the Compromise Assessment, a new class of security assessment which seeks to identify unknown security breaches and adversary presence within a network.  It also demonstrates how the latest “hunt” methodologies and technologies can be best applied to deliver a rapid and effective compromise assessment, giving information risk managers unparalleled fidelity and confidence into the status of their networks.


Cybersecurity in the Financial Sector

Banks and the financial services sector are under increasingly targeted cyberattacks. The industry faces unique threats and challenges, particularly custom designed malware. Old fashioned concepts of security and defense are outdated, what is required is a shift in mindset. Read our white paper Cybersecurity in the Financial Sector to learn more about updating your approach and securing your assets.

2017 Threat Hunting Survey

Download the Crowd Research Partners 2017 Threat Hunting Report to gain critical insights into the new practice of cyber threat hunting as an emerging line of defense to combat advanced cybersecurity threats.

Security Briefs


Protecting Retail Customers From POS Attacks

For the past several years, Point of Sale (POS) systems have been a prime target for cyberattacks. Last year, POS systems were besieged by hackers using malware such as LockPos/FlokiBot, MajikPOS, and JackPOS, to name a few. The reason is no mystery - POS systems are a key part of a retailer's transaction process. They provide an access point through which cybercriminals can access and steal customers' payment information, making them attractive targets for malicious hackers. Learn how to maintain the health of POS systems with routine compromise assessments.


Protecting Financial Infrastructure from Cyber Threats

Banks, and indeed the entire global financial infrastructure, is something we rely on daily to keep economies moving and hold society together. The ever increasing volume and sophistication of financial malware attacks has led regulatory bodies to extend their purview to include cyber security and risk management practices and standards. Without question, it is in the public interest to keep banks and financial Market Infrastructures cyber secure using proactive security practices.


Uncovering a Major Hidden Risk of GDPR Legislation

All companies in Europe today are focused on GDPR compliance. The smart ones are approaching the preparation for future compliance in a methodical and phased way, beginning with an assessment of the current data protection measures in place and identifying gaps or other threats to data security. What is alarming about the GDPR legislation, as it is written, are the hidden risks that will threaten companies that believe themselves compliant, but may unwittingly be missing the bar for compliance.  

Security Operations Center Top Concerns

A recent Report on Threat Hunting published by Crowd Research Partners indicated while 75% of respondents believe that threat hunting is of major importance, and 42% consider it a top priority, there are specific concerns that stand out. This brief looks at the top 7 concerns reported and shows how threat hunting with Infocyte HUNT helps to address these issues.


Africa, Technology and the Threat of Malware

The rapid expansion of IT connectivity and businesses in Africa has led to the continent becoming a high value target for cyber-attacks of all kinds. This brief looks at the security challenges facing the region, as well as solutions to put proactive security practices in place to mitigate cyber threats in African countries.