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Webinar: 2018 Cybersecurity Headlines in Review

This post was last updated on August 7th, 2019 at 03:01 pm

Webinar Overview

2018 was a particularly busy year for the cybersecurity industry…

Beyond the exponential growth in the number and types of cyber attacks—including Magecart, which compromised the payment processing systems for a number of large companies—hundreds of new cybersecurity startups were formed, GDPR came to pass, and the impacts of Big Data processing on social networks exploded.

During this webinar, Michael Hill and Dan Raywood of Infosecurity Magazine (including a few guest speakers) review the trends of 2018, the impact of those cybersecurity trends, and predictions for 2019.

In the 2018 Cybersecurity Headlines in Review webinar, we’ll explore:

  • Cybersecurity headlines in 2018 and what trends were most publicized
  • Which of these cybersecurity trends in 2018 impacted end users
  • Of the 2018 trends, which ones will continue into 2019
  • Overall, was it a good year for cybersecurity?

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