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[Myth Busting Series Part 1] 

3 Challenges of Threat Hunting Using Log Analysis


The Facts vs Myths of Threat Hunting

In this 3-part live webinar series, threat hunters from Infocyte discuss how to scalably and proactively hunt for unknown threats across the entire enterprise network with an approach called Forensic State Analysis (FSA). We compare FSA against three of the traditional methods of threat hunting that you have been told about are the “only” ways to perform threat hunting.

3 Challenges of Threat Hunting Using Log Analysis

This on demand webinar provides an in-depth look at the challenges of using Log Analysis for threat hunting and examines some of the common misconceptions (i.e. you “can’t” hunt without logs and massive infrastructure investments are a prerequisite). It also shows how FSA arms security practitioners with an effective and efficient methodology to hunt without relying solely on sophisticated security infrastructure, sensors, big data or experts.

In Log Analysis vs FSA, you will learn about:

  • Challenges faced while performing Log Analysis
  • 3 advantages of using FSA over Log Analysis
  • How Infocyte HUNT automates FSA to simplify and speed the hunt process

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