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6 Host Indicators of Compromise to Hunt For

Proactive threat hunting is quickly becoming a must for any organization that’s serious about protecting itself and its bottom line. But where do you start? We’ve assembled a list of the top 6 host indicators of compromise that every organization needs to be looking for to find hidden malware and APTs that threaten the security of your systems and data.

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Ensure Hackers Don’t Shop Your POS Data this Holiday Season

retail hacking terminal

The holidays signal the peak shopping season for both brick and mortar shops and online retailers. This year’s sales are predicted to bring in $682 billion for US retailers alone. But as the holiday shopping season approaches, we also need to brace for more retail focused cyberattacks from Point Of Sale (POS) malware attacks to retail and bank account takeovers.


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Malware and its Impact in Educational Institutions

Cyber attacks have been on the rise in higher education as the data and IP stored in schools, colleges, and universities are very attractive targets for data hackers. Educational institutions must evolve and adapt to the realities of malware and cyber health to protect against immediate and long-term security threats. Mounting a comprehensive effort, including threat hunting, can address many of the security challenges malware and APTs pose.

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Protecting Democratic Elections from Cyber Attack

symtrex cybersecurity

German elections are scheduled for September, and the country’s authorities are determined to conduct them without interference, especially Russian interference. Operations to influence electoral outcomes have been ongoing for over 10 years. As these operations grow in frequency, reach and sophistication, it becomes all the more important to take action to prepare and react to election cyber attacks.

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African Cyber-security: Contradictory rankings as cyber-attacks continue

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Africa continues to be plagued by malware. Recently, countries such as Zambia, Uganda and Tanzania have regularly been in the top ten threat indexed countries, last year it was Angola, Namibia and Djibouti that tended to feature. Enterprises must take steps to combat malware proactively. One way to do that is to adopt a threat hunting platform, to buttress the defensive measures taken. 

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Threat Hunting 101

The reality of today’s cybersecurity landscape is that, within a complex enterprise network, no amount of investment in security controls will stop every breach, nor will it stop a well-resourced and determined attacker from getting in if they want to.  This realization has pressed many organizations to expand beyond reactive intrusion detection systems and invest in a proactive new approach called threat hunting.

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