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Security Predictions: 2018 the Year of Threat Hunting

2018 year of threat hunting

January marks the time of year when security pros look at lesson learned from the previous year, and anticipate what threats to prepare for in the new year. We sat down with Infocyte’s Founder and seasoned threat hunter, Chris Gerritz, and our VP of Product, Rohit Dhamankar, to get their perspective on what challenges and new threats security pros should anticipate in 2018. They also offer advice on the proactive steps you can take to be ready for them.

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The ATM Malware Update

atm hacking malware

Banks continue to come under designed attack from malware and APTs. Indeed, the prevalence of financial malware is more than double that of ransomware. Overall, the cybersecurity threat landscape has made significant advancements to target verticals with high value assets and business models, making the financial sector in general a prime target.

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The Role of Automation and Human Analysis in Threat Hunting

As new techniques used to evade network defenses continue to emerge, enterprise security teams are increasingly turning to threat hunting to reduce the duration and damage of successful attacks. Yet, what comprises the actual activity of threat hunting is a topic of hot debate among cyber security experts. One of the looming questions on many CISOs minds is: ‘Can threat hunting be automated?’ Hard liners exist on either side of this question, but who is correct?

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