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Challenges of Threat Hunting with Endpoint Detection (EDR)

Last week in a Live Webinar we looked at the pitfalls of relying solely on Endpoint Detection (EDR) software for proactive threat hunting and examined some of the common misconceptions about the comprehensiveness of the data collected by many EDR solutions. The intention was not to discredit EDR or to say a forensic state analysis (FSA) approach is better, but to reflect on the different approaches to threat hunting which might be more appropriate for your use case. If you couldn’t join us here’s quick overview of what was covered.

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Anatomy of a Cyber Attack: Understanding the Role of Threat Hunting Technologies


Looking to capitalize on the benefits, the security market has suddenly become crowded with solutions that all claim to offer threat hunting capabilities: EDR, DFIR, Behavior Analysis and FSA. We’ve put together a white paper to help you understand the differences between these threat hunting tools and the role each plays in breach detection and prevention, and where solutions such as FSA fit within the tool belt of the hunter.

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