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Infocyte Solutions by Industry & Organization Size

Discover how Infocyte's endpoint detection and response platform helps organizations control attacker dwell time, reduce cyber risk, maintain compliance, and streamline cyber-security operations.

Infocyte Solutions by Industry


Infocyte's team of skilled threat hunters and incident responders can solve healthcare and hospital systems difficult challenges. Ransomware and malware exposure is particiularly difficult to detect and respond to. Learn more about how Infocyte can help.

Legal Services

Infocyte’s team, technology, and partners help solve complex challenges for legal services organizations around the globe. No matter your size, we can help.

Credit Unions

Credit unions face unique challenges that Infocyte can help solve. Ransomware, malware, and data protection are at the forefront of our endpoint detection and response platform that can help your business stay secure.

Election Security

Infocyte can help assess and strengthen security for elections entities, systems, infrastructure and more.

State & Local Government

With roots in the US Air Force and its foremost threat hunters, Infocyte helps state, local, and education protect what matters most--data, employees, and reputational concerns.


Insurance organizations face unique challenges of protecting both their own sensitive data as well as their clients. Infocyte helps solve complex challenges for insurance organizations including account takeover, ransomware, and Microsoft 365 security.

Infocyte Solutions by Organization Size

Small to Mid-Size/Mid-Market

Infocyte understands that unique challenges that small to mid-size organizations face when it comes to security. If you're not sure where to start, but know you need endpoint detection or Microsoft 365 security and compliance, we can help.