Managed Threat Hunting

Reinforce your security team with our threat hunters, security analysts, tailored threat intelligence reports, guided IR, and more. Contact us to learn more about our Managed Threat Hunting services.

Threat Hunting as a Service (THaaS)

Cyber threat hunting is an important and growing practice for organizations. Unfortunately, implementing a cyber threat hunting program can be difficult and expensive for businesses that lack the time, tools, talent, and resources required to perform threat hunting at scale.

Infocyte's Managed Threat Hunting service (included in our Command plan) enables organizations to deploy full-scale threat hunting operations — easily.

Managed Threat Hunting Services

Outsource your cyber threat hunting to a team of expert threat hunters.

Overview of Managed Threat Hunting

Infocyte's Managed Threat Hunting service includes everything you need to hunt threats at scale. We'll setup, manage, and maintain your threat hunting program to include: automated and continuous threat hunting (inspecting your endpoints for signs of a compromise), plus...

  • Access to expert threat hunters
  • Advanced threat intelligence and analysis
  • Insight into the origin, source, and history of cyber threats
  • Guided incident response (IR) and remediation

In addition to alerting you of suspected threats, we'll provide guided recommendations and next steps to triage and respond to cybersecurity incidents.

Our team, talent, primary threat intelligence data, and decades of experience enable you to hunt, isolate, and eradicate the world's most advanced cyber threats — with ease.

Managed Threat Hunting Benefits