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Infocyte operators have years of experience hunting adversaries attempting to hide in sensitive national defense networks. Additionally, they are trained in the latest offensive techniques enabling them to think like an attacker to predict where they might hide.


Infocyte's approach to threat and malware hunting is to start with the premise that networked devices are untrusted until proven otherwise. We employ proprietary detection capabilities that combine the human element with advanced heuristics to identify elusive rootkits and backdoors that evade even today's most advanced malware protection products.


The first step to any cyber security strategy involves knowing your current state. The Infocyte Compromise Assessment service independently verifies whether a network has already been breached or not. Assessments conducted with Infocyte HUNT are comprehensive, cost-effective and complete within days.



When intrusions are identified, Infocyte responds first by gathering live evidence, triaging the network to characterize scope and threat, then we work with you to restore network integrity as quickly and painlessly as possible. Infocyte believes that an incident's response should not cause more damage than the incident itself; so when possible, we utilize processes to purge intruders from the network without bringing down critical business applications.


Not enough resources? Infocyte also offers a Managed Service option for your peace of mind. On a regular schedule we will conduct the scans and execute analysis for you.

Managed services are suitable for any organization that prefers to outsource their infrastructure management and security, and is comfortable with periodic security assessments.