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Security Brief: Top Concerns Of Security Operations Centers (SOCs)

This post was last updated on August 5th, 2019 at 03:59 pm

75% of Respondents Believe Threat Hunting is of Major Importance.

A recent Report on Threat Hunting published by Crowd Research Partners indicated while 75% of respondents believe that threat hunting is of major importance, and 42% consider it a top priority, there are specific concerns that stand out. Based on survey findings, the top two challenges facing SOCs today are the:

  • Detection of Advanced Threats (hidden, unknown and emerging)
  • Lack of expert security staff to assist with threat mitigation

Secondary, yet significant, concerns were:

  • Detection of rogue insiders/insider attacks
  • Slow response time to find or detect advanced threats
  • Too much time wasted on false positive alerts
  • Lack of confidence in automation tools catching all threats
  • Lack of proper reporting tools

So threat hunting is top of mind for SOCs, and rightfully so considering the constant stream of malware attacks hitting every industry – a trend that seems set to continue.

We know that malware will breach defenses, as surely as day follows night. The survey found that 44% of threats go undetected by automated security tools. Yet the survey also showed that security industry professionals do not have confidence in their abilities to detect advanced threats, nor in their in-house expertise level to mitigate these threats.

This is where Infocyte HUNT steps in and stands up. Infocyte HUNT addresses every one of the top seven identified concerns plaguing SOCs today.

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