Security Brief: Alert Validation

Security Brief: The Dangers of Alert Fatigue

False Alarm or Real Threat?

Despite the rich data provided by SIEMS many organizations find themselves drowning in false positives, making it difficult to sift through and gain visibility into high priority and relevant events. This visibility to, and fast focus on, what is actually a real threat is a challenge for all security teams – whether a small team with no SOC, a large enterprise with a SOC, or an MSSP that oversees many customers with a SOC.  

What’s needed is a triage process to investigate alerts and determine which alerts can truly be ignored and which are actionable threats that need escalation.

In this Security Brief, learn how pervasive the alert fatigue problem is, and the ramifications. It will also introduce an automated solution to help validate alerts from your SIEM, network or endpoint product to:

  • Triage alerts to weed out false positives, and
  • Quickly identify which alerts to escalate
  • Reduce the time and resources needed to investigate the volumes of daily alerts
  • Allow your security team to focus on remediating real threats
  • Leverage your existing security investments

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