Find helpful White Papers, Security Briefs, Webinars, Case Studies, and Industry Reports related to proactive threat detection, managed detection and response, and cybersecurity best practices.

White Papers

White Paper: Cyber Strategies for Reducing Attacker Dwell Time

Learn limitations of existing security technologies for exposing hidden cyber threats and how proactive detection improves your existing security infrastructure, helping you deny attackers the ability to persist.

White Paper: Assessing Cyber Security Risk in a Breached World

As threats to networks and data evolve, risk managers must quickly discover and address security breaches, validating whether an IT environment is clean, and answering the vital question: “Are we currently breached?”

White Paper: Anatomy of a Cyber Attack and Breach Detection

Understand the makeup of cyber attacks, differences between traditional proactive detection and prevention solutions vs. Infocyte, and where these security tools fit within your overall ecosystem.

White Paper: The Breach Detection Gap and Strategies to Close It

Understand why adversaries can persist in networks, limitations of current technologies, ways to expose hidden threats, and how to strengthen your existing security ecosystem with technology and processes.

White Paper: Protecting Enterprises from Unknown Malware

As new malware is created and existing malware evolves, traditional anti-virus and EDR solutions can't keep up. Learn how organizations are adopting more advanced, proactive threat detection measures.

White Paper: Cybersecurity in the Financial Sector

Our entire financial sector is the target of cyber attacks, facing unique threats and challenges, including custom malware. Read this white paper to learn about improving your approach and securing your critical assets.

Industry Reports

2019 Q2 Mid-market Threat & Incident Response Report

Download our Q2 2019 "Mid-market Threat and Incident Response Report" to discover what we discovered from inspecting over 550,000 systems across hundreds of environments in the first half of 2019.

2018 Threat Hunting Report

Download the 2018 Threat Hunting Report from Crowd Research to learn from the latest trends and data surrounding proactive cyber security: continuous threat hunting, compromise assessments, and on-demand cyber incident response.

2017 Threat Hunting Report

Download the Crowd Research Partners 2017 Threat Hunting Report, sponsored by Infocyte, to gain critical insights into the growing practice of proactive cyber threat hunting as a new line of "defense" in the fight against advanced cyber threats.

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Security Briefs

Uncovering a Major Hidden Risk of GDPR Legislation

Many companies are focused on GDPR compliance, but within GDPR legislation are hidden risks that threaten companies who believe themselves compliant, but may unwittingly be missing the bar...

Protecting Retail Customers From POS Cyber Attacks

Point of Sale (POS) systems are a prime target for cyber attacks because they provide an access point through which cybercriminals can access and steal payment info, making them attractive targets for hackers.

Protecting Financial Infrastructure From Cyber Threats

The increasing volume of malware and advanced cyber attacks targeting our financial infrastructure has led regulatory bodies to include cyber security and risk management practices and standards.

The Top Concerns of Security Operations Centers (SOCs)

While 75% of SOCs believe proactive detection is of major importance (42% consider it a top priority) other issues stand out... This security brief examines the top concerns of Security Operations Center (SOC) managers.

SIEM Alert Validation and the Dangers of Alert Fatigue

Despite rich data provided by SIEMs, organizations find themselves drowning in false positives, false negatives, and irrelevant security alerts—making efficient security operations difficult for many SOCs.

The Growing Threat of Malware in Higher Education

As malware, cybercrime, and attacks evolve they present a greater threat to private and public educational institutions, which are often underprepared to deal with sophisticated and persistent cyber threats.


Webinar: Flaws in the Defense-in-Depth Security Model

The Defense-in-Depth security model and its gaps, which allow attackers to persist undetected. Using the MITRE ATT&CK Model learn how post-compromise detection helps protect you from a data breach.

Webinar: 3 Challenages of Using EDR for Cyber Threat Hunting

Compare Forensic State Analysis detection techniques to traditional methods of cyber threat hunting—specifically Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) software and the pitfalls of EDR threat hunting.

Webinar: 2018 Cybersecurity Headlines in Review

During this webinar, Michael Hill and Dan Raywood of Infosecurity Magazine (including a few guest speakers) review the trends of 2018, the impact of those cybersecurity trends, and predictions for 2019.

Webinar: Forensic State Analysis Threat Hunting Method

Experts from SANS Institute and Infocyte discuss adapting digital forensics and incident response techniques to proactively detect unknown threats within enterprise networks with Forensic State Analysis.

Webinar: Common Pitfalls of Log Analysis Threat Hunting

Discover the pitfalls of Log Analysis threat hunting and common misconceptions associated with it. Learn how to detect threats without relying on sophisticated infrastructure and large teams of experts.

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Case Studies

Banking / Financial (MSSP)

"We deployed Infocyte in ten minutes — without business interruption — allowing us to deliver instant, tangible value through our managed security services practice. Our customer was thrilled with the results."

MSSP Partner


"We immediately identified a wicked Mimikatz trickbot trojan infection, masked behind Ryuk ransomware—and much more. Infocyte's platform is amazing and saved our IR team a bunch of time."

Lead Incident Responder
Check Point Software

Banking / Financial (M&A)

"Prior to completing the merger and acquisition, Infocyte helped us validate the target company’s environment and IT assets, expose unknown cyber threats, and avoid costly risks and downtime."

Lead Security Analyst
Investment Bank


"Within thirty days, we completed a proof of concept, rolled Infocyte out to our entire environment, and identified, isolated and eradicated several threats from our network—threats our existing defenses hadn't caught."

Mark Grosvenor
CTO at NFP, Inc.

Oil & Gas

"We realized instant, measurable value deploying Infocyte HUNT alongside our EDR platform — they make a great combination. Infocyte gave us expanded visibility into threats resident and hiding in live memory."

Senior IT Engineer
Utilities Company


"Infocyte gave us visibility—very quickly—across our various network segments, helping us understand how the attack had moved. We were then able to isolate and contain it, and eventually clean it from our environment."

Erik Pufahl
Director of IT at Linden Companies

Public Transit

"We were impressed with Infocyte’s methodology used to search for adversaries and malicious threats. The scans were seamless and non-invasive, and completed quickly an efficiently."

Keith Messner
CTO, Pierce Transit


"Within twenty-four hours of deploying Infocyte HUNT, we realized the value of their MDR platform. We identified hidden malware, backdoors, unwanted programs, and suspicious code in system memory."

Network Administrator
Mass Transit Agency