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About Infocyte HUNT

Infocyte HUNT is the only cyber threat hunting platform equipped with Forensic State Analysis (FSA). FSA is different from EDR/EPP, IOC, NGAV, and UEBA defensive cybersecurity layers, because it enables HUNT to proactively inspect and analyze digital forensic data from your endpoints — including malware embedded in live volatile memory.

Security teams and SOC managers use HUNT for: Threat Hunting, Managed Detection & Response, and Incident Response. HUNT helps you easily identify, investigate, and respond to advanced persistent threats (APTs), ransomware, malware, breaches, vulnerabilities, and more.

Lightning fast deployment model

Inspect live volatile memory — at scale

Continuous asset and application discovery

Vulnerability hunting and management

Automated SIEM alert validation

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"Infocyte has developed a product that can do much of the heavy lifting—remotely."

"HUNT is an affordable, nimble, effective tool for the cyber risk assessment space."

"Infocyte's quality, technical expertise, and speed of implementation is second to none."

"HUNT has added vast amounts of automation — to the point where an entire network can be hunted in about a day."

"They key difference is the automation with Infocyte HUNT. As a result we can run a lot of assessments quickly, and in parallel if needed."

"After deploying Infocyte HUNT, our threat hunting time decreased from 6 weeks with multiple assets to under 1 week with only 1 analyst."

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