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Infocyte POC Overview

Infocyte is extremely easy to set up and deploy. A proof of concept (POC) typically takes 24 hours and can be completed remotely without impacting business operations.

Our platform is cloud-hosted and supported by a global network of partners, including some of the world's leading managed security service providers (MSSPs) and cybersecurity consultants.

Learn how Infocyte helps security teams reduce risk, maintain compliance, and streamline cybersecurity operations across complex environments.

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Infocyte helps you:

Reduce Security & Compliance Risks

Strengthen your overall security and risk posture, while maintaining strict regulatory compliance.

Focus on What Matters Most

AI-driven analysis helps you quickly expose, isolate, and eliminate sophisticated cyber threats.

Streamline Security Operations

Optimize security operations with automated detection and IR, platform integrations, and more.

''Infocyte has developed a product that can do much of the heavy lifting—remotely.''

“We deployed Infocyte into multiple customer environments and found the speed, ease of use, and effectiveness of Infocyte HUNT far exceeds competing solutions in the IR space.”

''HUNT is an affordable, nimble, effective tool for the cyber risk assessment space.''

''Infocyte's quality, technical expertise, and speed of implementation is second to none.''

''HUNT has added vast amounts of automation — to the point where an entire network can be hunted in about a day.''

''They key difference is the automation with Infocyte HUNT. As a result we can run a lot of assessments quickly, and in parallel if needed.''

''After deploying Infocyte HUNT, our threat hunting time decreased from 6 weeks with multiple assets to under 1 week with only 1 analyst.''