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Infocyte Release Notes July 2019

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Webhook Support and Integration

Infocyte has released a new capability within our managed detection and response platform, allowing customers to create custom hooks into any number of third-party systems through a Webhook integration. This feature allows customers and partners to send Infocyte Alerts to any defined destination that supports push capabilities.

Infocyte HUNT – Add Webhook

Some examples of how you can integrate our MDR platform with other tools:

  • Ticketing Systems (Zendesk, ServiceNow, JIRA, etc.)
  • Internal Chat Tools (Slack, etc.)
  • Notification / Pager Systems (PagerDuty, VictorOps, etc.)

This new feature is extremely easy to leverage and allows customers and partners to customize the information being sent to their defined endpoint, or receiving service.


AWS Identity and Audit Trail

Infocyte HUNT – Integrations Manager

In advance of launching our official managed detection and incident response tools for AWS, we released a new capability that introduces an additional investigation capability for AWS cloud customers. This new functionality can be leveraged when conducting Incident Response and Compromise Assessment activities within AWS environments.

Infocyte HUNT – AWS Identity Management

The new identity investigation feature allows customers and partners to enumerate all identities (AWS IAM) defined within an AWS Account. Then, Infocyte begins to collect key AWS CloudTrail Events associated with the discovered identities.

Billy Tester’s Activity

These events and associated identities are then be tied back to assets (hosts) that have been discovered and inspected by Infocyte and Infocyte ActivityTrace shows a timeline of activities and actions as they align to a specified asset (host). The feature also provides an in-depth view of the details of each AWS CloudTrail Event collected for each AWS IAM Role enumerated by Infocyte.

To learn more about the latest features added to our managed detection and response platform, please request a demo.

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