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Infocyte Announces New Austin Headquarters to Enhance Growth of Cyber Risk & Threat Hunting Solutions

AUSTIN, TX – May 30, 2018

Infocyte Relocated Corp Headquarters to Austin

Infocyte, a leader in the growing cybersecurity threat hunting market, today announced that it has relocated its corporate headquarters to Austin, an emerging security software and technology industry hub.

The move comes on the heels of the company’s major release of Infocyte HUNT™ 3.0, recently selected by CRN as one of RSA 2018’s 10 hot new security orchestration, threat detection, and incident response products at the RSA Conference in San Francisco.

“We are delighted to officially join the Austin security startup community with this significant milestone in our company growth,” said Curtis Hutcheson, CEO of Infocyte, Inc. “It’s a great location for us to recruit the best security and software talent with its growing tech community and excellent quality of life.”

The company expects to build out the team with more than 10 new hires in the next year. The San Antonio location will continue to serve as the company’s Security Operations Center (SOC) drawing on its United States Air Force (USAF) heritage and local cybersecurity talent pool as it also continues to grow.

“We welcome Infocyte to the growing wave of software and cybersecurity innovation in the Austin region,” said Leigh Christie, SVP Global Technology & Innovation, Greater Austin Chamber. “Infocyte’s heritage to the US Air Force and their history of providing employment opportunities to veterans fits well with our diverse talent base.”

Infocyte, which is backed by Austin-based Live Oak Ventures, is located at 805 Las Cimas Pkwy, #130, Austin TX 78746, (844.463.6298).

About Infocyte, Inc.

Developed by former U.S. Air Force cybersecurity officers, Infocyte’s dedicated forensics-based threat hunting platform discovers the post-compromise activity of cyber attackers and malware that have bypassed other defenses. The company’s unique approach to security reduces attacker dwell time to help organizations and independent assessors defend networks and critical information. Infocyte HUNT was honored with a Silver Cybersecurity Product Award for the Best Threat Hunting Tool by 2018 Cybersecurity Excellence Awards. For more information visit

About LiveOak Venture Partners

LiveOak is a $109MM Fund based in Austin, TX and was founded by Ben Scott, Krishna Srinivasan, and Venu Shamapant (all formerly of Austin Ventures). While many of LiveOak’s investments begin in the early stages, LiveOak is a full lifecycle investor focused on technology and technology-driven service companies based in Texas. With over 16 years of successful early stage investing in Texas, the Founders of LiveOak have helped entrepreneurs create industry-leading companies, such as Spatial Wireless (acquired by Alcatel-Lucent), Navini Networks (acquired by Cisco Systems), LifeSize Technologies (acquired by Logitech), Mavenir Systems (NYSE: MVNR), and StackEngine (Acquired by Oracle).

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