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Infocyte Launches Next-Gen Cyber Risk Management Platform

Leading Threat Hunting Platform Advances Core Capability by Addressing Threats, Vulnerability and Asset Discovery


Today, Infocyte, Inc., a leader in the threat hunting market, announces the release of Infocyte HUNT™ 3.0, delivering the next generation of risk assessment and management by addressing both threats and vulnerabilities across all assets, both in the cloud and on-premises for enterprises and small-to-medium sized organizations.

Infocyte HUNT™ Platform leverages the latest advances in threat hunting capabilities utilized by the U.S. military and top cybersecurity service providers. The new 3.0 release, expands on the foundation of threat hunting to now also address asset discovery and vulnerabilities.

Legacy cyber risk management vendors have stagnated over the years and only address a fraction of cyber risk, including vulnerabilities and assets, while completely ignoring the cyber threats that may be present after a vulnerability has been exposed.

“As the pioneer in threat hunting, organizations are coming to us for proactive threat and breach discovery,” said Curtis Hutcheson, CEO of Infocyte, Inc. “The HUNT platform allows internal teams and assessors to quickly and independently detect hidden threats to satisfy compliance regulations and address issues before they become a data breach.”

“We continue to see organizations looking at ways to quantify their risk though vulnerability and asset discovery. There is a need to add proactive threat hunting for a more robust picture of risk across the corporate landscape, said Rob Ayoub, Program Director, Security Products at IDC. “Blending threat, vulnerability and asset discovery is an innovative and important step for organizations to truly understand their risk.”

“Based on our collective experience hunting threats and responding to incidents on the United States Air Force’s global networks, we are evolving our platform to usher in the future of cyber risk and threat assessment,” said Chris Gerritz, Founder and Chief Product Officer, Infocyte, Inc. “Our simple, flexible yet powerful hunting solution provides deep insight on every application across all networked assets, whether they are vulnerable, malicious or simply unauthorized.”

Infocyte HUNT is an automated platform to simplify the hunting process and reduce the skill set required for hunting malware and advanced persistent threats (APTs). When prevention and security controls fail, Infocyte HUNT significantly reduces attacker dwell time-the period between infection and discovery-to deny them the ability to persist undetected, reduce business impact, and restore a network. Our customers are reducing dwell time to hours versus the industry standard of six months.

Key features Infocyte HUNT™ 3.0

This new release includes the following new features:

The Incyte™ Engine
Powered by machine learning, Incyte is our cloud-based threat intelligence and analytics engine used to classify and categorize threats and vulnerabilities. Its capability has now expanded to apply unique similarity matching, enabling the comparison of an unknown application to millions of knowns in milliseconds.

Modernized User Interface
A key differentiator for Infocyte is ease of use. Building on this quality, Infocyte HUNT 3.0 features an optimized and more intuitive user experience targeting Level 1 analysts and IT Administrators.

Vulnerability Reporting
With the depth of analysis Infocyte HUNT 3.0 performs on each host, Infocyte can report on all known installed application vulnerabilities to provide visibility and patching levels for servers and workstations.

Asset Discovery
To hunt in a network, one must identify all networked assets that could serve as a beachhead in the network. With additional asset management capabilities, Infocyte can now enable visibility of all applications, workstations, servers, and embedded systems, whether deployed on-premises or in the cloud.

Threat Hunter Pro
Infocyte’s malware and threat hunting expertise can now be purchased as a subscription service for organizations seeking an affordable option to hunt and characterize advanced threats. Additionally, subscribers will receive a monthly report and scoring to indicate an organization’s relative risk and security posture states.

“We find strong value in the power of Infocyte’s platform as it helps us identify threats across our customer’s environments faster. Infocyte’s vision and the new features available in 3.0 tying together threat, vulnerability, and asset discovery for a more robust risk picture are well aligned with Delta Risk’s mission,” said Fred Wainwright, Vice President of Professional Services for Delta Risk, a managed security services and security services partner based in San Antonio, TX.

About Infocyte, Inc.
Developed by former U.S. Air Force cybersecurity officers, Infocyte’s dedicated forensics-based threat hunting platform discovers the post-compromise activity of cyber attackers and malware that have bypassed other defenses. The company’s unique approach to security reduces attacker dwell time to help organizations and independent assessors defend networks and critical information. Infocyte HUNT was honored with a Silver Cybersecurity Product Award for the Best Threat Hunting Tool by 2018 Cybersecurity Excellence Awards. For more information, visit:

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