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Infocyte SOAR Integrations

Automated incident validation and response leveraging existing SOC workflows

Extending security, orchestration, automation and response within a platform with native threat intel management has traditionally been a challenge. Security leaders also need to be empowered with instant capabilities against threats across their entire enterprise. Meanwhile, traditional SOAR solutions often lack the automated detection and response security teams and SOCs need. That's where XSOAR comes in:

Infocyte + Cortex XSOAR and Infocyte + Swimlane allow security teams to quickly and easily automate alert validation, triage and response. Infocyte’s agentless technology speeds investigation by continuously scanning hosts and automating forensics gathering. As Infocyte alerts are received by your SOAR, threats can be quickly analyzed and validated with minimal analyst workload. Response actions can be quickly launched through playbooks reducing response times to minutes vs. hours or days – ultimately reducing the impact of threats, analyst workload and overall business impact.


Independent validation of both covered and uncovered assets

Cloud-native analysis and response that greatly reduce analyst overload and response times

Automates enrichment of forensics-based data to speed investigations

Use Case: Automated incident validation, enrichment and response

Challenge: Security teams are inundated with alerts and lack the resources, time and capability to quickly respond to real threats.

Solution: XSOAR + Infocyte enables security teams to automate data enrichment, alert triage and response, reducing analyst workload and resource requirements. As alerts are received, playbooks are triggered automatically to scan the target host(s), ingest results and take response actions if appropriate. 

Benefit: Analysts can dedicate resources on validated threats and remediation, not data collection and investigation. This provides significant decreases in analyst workload and response time – leading to greatly reduced risk and costs associated with incident response, providing material business impacts.

Example Infocyte + Cortex Playbook
Infocyte + Cortex Integration

Use Case: Interactive, real-time forensics to independently validate complex threats

Challenge: Even the leading prevention solution can’t alert you on missed threats – the solution doesn’t know what it may have missed (due to gaps in coverage, misconfiguration, etc).

Solution: Through Cortex XSOAR playbooks, analysts can easily initiate proactive scans of both covered (by endpoint protection agents) and uncovered assets quickly unmasking hidden vulnerabilities and threats and continuously assessing your security posture. Infocyte can provide full compromise assessments and in addition, response actions can be used to install agents or otherwise close security gaps

Benefit: The integration of XSOAR and Infocyte allows organizations to easily determine the effectiveness of their existing security and proactively identify compromised systems and gaps in coverage, reducing the attack surface and ensuring the best possible security posture at all times.

Detect, respond, and recover faster with Infocyte.