This post was last updated on June 18th, 2021 at 11:55 am

Managed Microsoft Defender

The challenge with Microsoft Defender is managing it while ensuring you are using this EPP most effectively to secure your organization. That's where Infocyte comes in with free MS Defender management to complement our MDR service.

Infocyte MDR + Managed MS Defender frees up your EPP $ spend to invest in MDR

Infocyte Microsoft Defender Management:

  • Create and set policies with strong Infocyte defaults.
AV Agent Monitor
  • Ensures AV is enabled and policies set (alerts if not enabled, sets policies as necessary)
  • Ensures signatures are up-to-date
AV Alert Monitor
  • Collects AV Alerts and quarantine actions within Infocyte application
  • Provides contextual endpoint behavior views surrounding AV events

How does it really work?

If MS Defender quarantines what it believes is malware, the focused contextual view will show suspicious behaviors leading up to the event. If suspicious or attacker behavior is exhibited AFTER the quarantine, we know the attack was not mitigated by Defender's protection layer.

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