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Microsoft 365 Security Compliance from Infocyte

Microsoft 365 (formerly Office 365) is the most popular SaaS productivity and back-office platform in the market today. Microsoft 365 is leveraged by small to mid-sized businesses and the challenges these companies face managing the security of Microsoft 365 are similar in nature regardless of their size.

Why is it challenging to secure Microsoft 365 environments?

If recent events like Sunburst (or Solarigate) have taught us anything, the importance of Microsoft security and compliance cannot be understated. With many organizations making the quick migration to MS 365 from traditional applications, combined with the lack of expertise in properly securing these environments, it leaves small to midsize organizations vulnerable.

The biggest challenge often lies in security configuration issues and lack of visibility into whether best practices are or are not being met can be a challenge for security and IT teams. Having an easy way to monitor and alert when configurations are modified from an established baseline and conflict with established Microsoft 365 security best practices is key.

Infocyte's Endpoint Detection and Response coupled with the new Microsoft 365 Security Module will provide detection, response, and compliance across your entire environment.

Infocyte Microsoft 365 Security Module

Infocyte's Microsoft 365 Security Module primarily focuses on establishing a baseline of security standards for an Microsoft 365 environment leveraging known Industry Security Standards (CIS Benchmark) for Microsoft 365. The Microsoft 365 Security Module provides the ability to score and grade an Microsoft 365 environment with a Risk Score, identify issues and highlight Recommended Remediations, and provide the end-customer with the ability to Monitor and Alert should their environmental changes negatively influence the established security baseline.

The following services are covered within Infocyte’s Microsoft 365 Security Model:
Exchange Online
SharePoint Online
OneDrive for Business
Skype & Teams
Azure Active Directory

Why Infocyte for Microsoft 365 Security Compliance?

Microsoft Secure Score
Qualys & Tenable
Kaseya/MSSP Add Ons
Support for MS 365 Business Basic and Above
Continuous and Automated Comprehensive Security Benchmark Inspection and Policy Enforcement
Limited Controls (On-demand Only)
Simple & Fast: No Appliance, No Download, No Powershell Required
Virtual appliance
Guided Expert Remediation Assistance
MDR: 24X7 SOC Monitoring & IR Support
Unified Endpoint & MS 365 Analytics, Alerting, Detection and Response (Q2: custom rules)
E5/ATP Only
Extension Enable Advanced Open Source Hunting Capabilities (ex: CISA, FireEye, MS …)
Infocyte Microsoft 365 Security Module

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