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Platform Integrations

Integrate Infocyte and optimize your entire cybersecurity ecosystem.

sandblast threat intel integration
secondwrite threat intel integration
servicenow itsm platform integration
infocyte splunk edr integration
swimlane orchestration platform integration
syslog siem integration
threat intelligence integration virustotal
infocyte webhooks integration
infocyte yara integration
infocyte zapier integration

What is EDR?

Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) platforms reduce the time to detect and time to respond to cyber attacks and malware incidents occurring on the endpoint.

EDR platforms are effective at monitoring large volumes of real-time events correlating those events into security incidents, but require a sophisticated administrator and API integration with other tools in order to achieve their full potential.

From a user perspective, EDR solutions are difficult to configure, deploy, and manage. Interpreting intelligence data requires significant effort from security analysts and in many cases, security analysts won’t immediately understand what to do with the data.

What is MDR?

As threats evolve, new vulnerabilities emerge, and the attack landscape becomes increasingly complex, companies of all sizes are struggling to manage their own cybersecurity.

As a result, Managed Detection and Response (MDR) solutions and MDR providers have emerged. MDR is a managed security service that provides ongoing prevention, detection, and incident response services, monitored and supported by experts—24x7x365. MDR solution providers also include additional services, such as reporting, consulting, and more.

Infocyte’s unique architecture and agentless deployment capabilities make it an ideal platform for delivering cost-effective MDR services.