Infocyte ASSESS

The Only Solution Purpose-built for Threat Assessments

Discover hidden threats, malware, and attacks — past and present — with the only agentless SaaS platform built for independent threat hunting and cost-effective assessments.

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What is a Threat Assessment?

Traditional assessments only evaluate vulnerabilities and risks of future compromise. Threat Assessments determine if an attacker is currently in your network, or has been in the recent past. In other words, Threat Assessments answer the question:

"Is my environment hacked right now?"

As threats evolve to bypass prevention technologies and controls, organizations must periodically validate their IT environments are clean and secure. Infocyte ASSESS leverages the Infocyte platform to deliver a fast, minimally invasive and cost-effective Threat Assessments that goes deeper than any monitoring tool or antivirus to discover hidden compromises.

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Live Forensic Detection

Hunt and detect advanced persistent threats, file-less malware, and zero day attackers with historical and automated live memory forensic analysis.

Continuous Assessments

Infocyte ASSESS can continuously monitor your endpoints enabling IR teams to identify, investigate, and address compromises quickly.

Extensive Incident Response

In the event of a compromise, quickly isolate hosts, analyze unknown threats, and respond to security incidents at scale (one-to-many) with Infocyte.

Why Infocyte?

Fast, Forensic Compromise and Threat Assessments

Deploy in Minutes

Infocyte combines historical forensics and continuous monitoring to expose advanced persistent threats (APTs), file-less malware, and zero-day attacks.

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Detect File-less Threats

Infocyte forensically scans and monitors host memory, pulling primary forensics data from system memory to identify advanced persistent threats, file-less malware, and zero-day threats.

Prioritize Security Alerts and Incident Response

Infocyte independently identifies advanced threats across your cloud, on-premise, distributed, and data center assets. Upon discovery, Infocyte scores, prioritizes, and notifies your security team, streamlining Incident Response and remediation.

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Extend your Security Capabilities

Infocyte ASSESS comes with many Official and Community Extensions to customize the assessment. Hunt for unique threats, do document discovery by keyword on desktops, or run a compliance check.

Infocyte ASSESS

Agentless Compromise and Threat Assessments

Detect and eliminate hidden threats.

Infocyte combines historical forensics and continuous monitoring to expose advanced persistent threats (APTs), file-less malware, and zero-day attacks.

Validate your detection capabilities.

Independently identify, address, and resolve weaknesses in your cybersecurity controls.

More assessments with existing resources.

Infocyte ASSESS is extremely efficient and won't impeded business continuity. Complete a full assessment within days without additional resources.

Maintain compliance.

Use Infocyte to test and validate your IT security controls and achieve compliance. Understand your cyber risk and monitor improvements over time.

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''Using Infocyte, we’re able to perform more security assessments with fewer resources.”


- Top 5 Global Cybersecurity Consultancy

''We selected Infocyte after looking at multiple other platforms. Infocyte finds what others miss.”

- Dan Wiley, Head of IR and Security Services
Check Point Software

''We deployed Infocyte into multiple environments and found the speed, ease of use, and effectiveness of Infocyte far exceeds competing solutions in the space.”


- Jim Priddin, Head of Incident Response and Cyber Investigations
Grant Thornton UK LLP

''Infocyte is 10x faster and easier than what we were doing before with Cb and Tanium.”

- Head of Threat Detection and Response for Global Cyber Security Consultancy

Key Features

Infocyte ASSESS

Agentless & Non-persistent Options

Inspect endpoints and servers without pre-deployed or permanent software. For security pros, this means faster deployment; for enterprises this means avoiding challenges from change management.

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Historical Activity View

Most endpoint detection solutions can only monitor from the point of installation. Automated forensic analysis performed by Infocyte enables a unique view into the past on endpoints and servers. Find root-cause, identify patient zero, and investigate unknown threats.

Live Memory Analysis

Advanced persistent threats and modern trojans like Trickbot, often left behind in the wake of ransomware attacks, leverage file-less techniques that render most antivirus scans useless. Infocyte offers the most advanced and scalable live memory analysis on the market to isolate, extract, and neutralize these threats.

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Multi-Scanning and Threat Intelligence

Most endpoints are typically defended by a single detection engine. Infocyte’s turn-key solution builds in multiple sources of threat intel and multiple hosted detection engines to categorize outliers missed by any one engine.

Infocyte ASSESS

Fast, conclusive, and cost-effective Threat and Compromise Assessments.

Infocyte ASSESS
Use Cases

Mergers and Acquisitions

During M&A transactions, Infocyte ASSESS provides buyers with critical technical diligence needed to ensure they are not accepting unnecessary risk from existing compromises. When feasible, a Compromise Assessment should be conducted during the due diligence phase, or at least prior to merging networks.

Cyber Threat Hunting

Many organizations don't have an in-house threat hunting team. It has become common practice for such organizations to periodically bring in security service providers armed with a threat hunting platform like Infocyte ASSESS to hunt for signs of compromise that may have snuck past security controls and monitoring systems.

Insurance Providers

Data Breach and Cyber Risk Insurance providers use Infocyte ASSESS as a pre-existing conditions check, prior to issuing a policy. Insurance providers also use Infocyte as a periodic checkup to validate the insured party is making necessary efforts to detect and report security incidents.

Security Program Validation

Whether they struggle with security or employ best-in-class tools, Infocyte ASSESS can validate the effectiveness of current security measures. Infocyte ASSESS identifies any threats that may have evaded security controls and helps you close gaps and eliminate blind spots.

Post-Incident Verification

A common tactic utilized by persistent attackers is the placement of an alternate backdoor within a network. This tactic ensures that an attacker can maintain access to a network in the event their primary mode of access is discovered and eliminated. After a security incident, Infocyte ASSESS helps verify that no other hidden egress points remain and that the cleanup process was successful.

Agentless vs. Agents

Most endpoint detection tools require a permanently installed agent running 24/7 to detect threats on an endpoint. While agents and agentless methods have tradeoffs, the agentless method is preferred in periodic or one-time assessment use cases by both analysts and businesses.

Minimize Change Management

No pre-install or permanent software agents minimizing setup/tear-down and impact to the network.

Tailored Detection Approach

Most agent-based tools rely on monitoring-only meaning the agent has to be in place during the initial compromise to catch it. This leaves significant gaps when performing an assessment for attacker presence after the fact.

Agents have their own vulnerabilities

Agents can be disabled or manipulated by attackers on systems with root-level compromises. Infocyte ASSESS has found many examples of compromises on otherwise well-defended networks when encountering non-compliant or manipulated systems.