Extend your Endpoint Security Tools

Accelerate investigations and tailor response with Infocyte Extensions. Detect and respond faster across on-premise, data center, and cloud assets.

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Advance your detection capabilities, automate your incident response process, and streamline security operations with Infocyte Extensions.

Infocyte Platform Extensions

Advanced Detection. Instant Response.

Connect Infocyte to your existing endpoint security tools and advance your detection, response, and recovery capabilities. Extensions help security teams automate threat detection and incident response, and more.

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Infocyte extends and optimizes your existing endpoint security tools (e.g. AV, SIEM, SOAR, and more) via powerful API, integrations, and custom extensions.

Connect your AV, SIEM, SOAR, and more with Infocyte Extensions. Streamline asset discovery, alert validation, threat detection, forensic analysis, incident response, remediation and recovery within a single platform.

Infocyte Extensions fall into two categories: Collection (Analysis) Extensions and Action (Response) Extensions.

How Extensions Work

1. Add your Extension

From the Infocyte Admin area, click "Add Extension." You can create an Action (Response) or Collection (Analysis) Extension.

2. Code your new Extension

Once you click "Add Extension" you'll be prompted to provide a Name and select a Type. You can code within the embedded editor, or paste your Lua code from GitHub or another source.

3. Save and Activate your Extension

After you code your Extension, you'll simply hit "Save" and be returned to the main Extensions page. From there, you can Activate your new Extension.

Threat Detection Matrix

Compare endpoint detection and response tools to Infocyte.

Infocyte Extensions

Fast Investigations, Flexible Response

Collection Extensions

Advance your detection capabilities.

Collection Extensions extend what Infocyte and your endpoint security tools collect and how that data is analyzed. For example, you can analyze your own registry keys, run commands, collect logs, enable YARA scanning on your endpoints, and more.

infocyte analysis extensions
infoycte incident response extensions

Action Extensions

Automate your response actions.

Action Extensions provide Infocyte and your endpoint security tools a mechanism for making changes to endpoints and systems. For example, you can isolate compromised hosts, install a heavier forensic tool, use Windows Volume Shadow Copy and Recover, perform a memory dump, and more.

Infocyte Extensions GitHub

Collaborate with experts.

Develop, deploy, and share custom Collection and Action Extensions on Infocyte's Extensions GitHub. Contribute and collaborate with other cybersecurity experts to build advanced capabilities and improve endpoint security for everyone.

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Detect, respond, and recover faster with Infocyte.