Fast, Conclusive Threat Assessments

Is Your IT Environment Secure?

Validate security controls, uncover ongoing and historical attacks, and strengthen your security posture with an Infocyte Threat Assessment.

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Infocyte's Cyber Security Threat Assessment


Agent-less deployment enables Infocyte Threat Assessments to be completed within days, without interrupting network or business operations.


Infocyte combines live memory analysis with historical forensics to conclusively identify threats, risks, and vulnerabilities in your environment.


Validate IT security controls, understand your cyber risk, and assess your security posture with primary forensics data and independent threat intel.

Benefits of an Infocyte Threat Assessment

Easy Deployment. Unrivaled Detection. Instant Response.

Validate IT security controls.

Infocyte validates your IT security controls and assesses your cyber risk to determine whether your IT environment is protected or compromised.

Know what's on your network.

Deploy Infocyte and within minutes enumerate the endpoints on your network to get a clear understanding of the IT assets and applications in your environment.

Identify un-patched vulnerabilities.

During Asset Discovery, Infocyte catalogs and enumerates your network endpoints, helping you identify installed applications and any un-patched vulnerabilities.

Detect sophisticated cyber threats.

With live and historical forensics, Infocyte helps security teams expose and eliminate advanced persistent threats, file-less malware, and zero-day attacks.

Investigate past attack activity.

Travel back in time with Infocyte Activity Trace. Expose, analyze, and investigate historical attacks and activity that took place prior to installing Infocyte.

Close gaps in your defenses.

Go beyond a standard penetration test. Infocyte helps you identify and close gaps in your perimeter defenses, endpoint security, and attack detection tools.

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Validate Security Controls and Assess Your Cyber Risk.

Quickly Assess Your Cyber Risk and Security Posture

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Cyber Security Threat Assessments with Infocyte

Security breaches and attackers often exist in an environment for months, sometimes years, before being discovered. Proactive cybersecurity risk or "Threat Assessments" uncover past and ongoing attacks/activity, gaps in your defensive tools, and security controls requiring attention.

Threat Assessments with Infocyte are fast, conclusive, and cost-effective. Quickly determine whether your environment has been breached, expose advanced cyber attacks (APTs, file-less malware, and zero-day threats).

A post-assessment report streamlines your cyber security incident response, triage, and remediation efforts, outlining action items and supporting threat intel. With Infocyte, you can easily respond at scale (one-to-many) within minutes.

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Additional Benefits of an Infocyte Cyber Security Threat Assessment

Definitively and independently answer the question: "Have we been breached?" without complex endpoint installations

Reports provide collected intelligence and drill into issues, allowing your team to coordinate swift remediation and incident response

Review the results of your cybersecurity Compromise Assessment within hours, alongside threat intelligence and action items

Advanced detection technique combines automated forensic inspection and patent-pending live volatile memory analysis

Infocyte runs independently from your existing security stack, giving you conclusive evidence of risks, threats, and compromises

Automate your compromise assessments with Infocyte and drive continual data hygiene and security improvements

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