Instantly Assess and Validate the Security Posture of your IT Environment.



Cloud-deployable, cost-effective, and 10x faster than manual cybersecurity assessments.

Why Infocyte HUNT?

The Infocyte HUNT Compromise Assessment


Compromise Assessments shouldn't rely on the same tooling that missed the potential threat you're hunting — Infocyte collects its own primary data and makes its own conclusions.


By assuming breach, a Compromise Assessment with Infocyte HUNT will definitively and conclusively help you answer the question: "Have we been breached?"


Zero business disruption with our agentless deployment option — forensically inspect up to 5,000 endpoints per hour, without installing software or heavy equipment.

Instantly assess the security posture of your network

Identify vulnerabilities, hidden cyber threats, and take steps to strengthen your security posture

The first step in defining your cybersecurity strategy involves understanding your current security posture. Security breaches often exist in a network for months, sometimes years, before being discovered. Unfortunately, the longer the dwell time, the larger the business impact.

As evidenced by a growing number of breaches, preventative and defensive security technologies are no longer enough to stop malicious threats. Proactive risk assessment strategies, such as vulnerability assessments and penetration tests, look for security gaps — but only answer the question: “Can we be hacked?” Risk assessments do not answer the more vital question: “Have we been breached?”

Compromise Assessments with Infocyte HUNT proactively verify whether a network has been breached and quickly identify the presence of known or zero day malware and persistent threats — active or dormant — that have evaded your existing cybersecurity defenses.

Infocyte HUNT also provides detailed reports for streamlined remediation efforts and faster incident response. Compromise Assessments conducted with Infocyte HUNT are more comprehensive and more effective and less invasive than alternative approaches — not to mention, much faster.

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Compromise Assessments with Infocyte HUNT

Definitively and independently answer the question: "Have we been breached?" without elaborate endpoint installations

Reports provides collected intelligence and drill into issues, allowing your team to coordinate swift remediation and incident response

Collect and review your Infocyte HUNT Compromise Assessment results, plus supporting threat intelligence data, within hours

Advanced detection technique combines automated forensic inspection and patent-pending live volatile memory analysis

HUNT works independent of your existing security tools, so results are clean of any existing threats or compromises

Automate your Compromise Assessments and schedule HUNT to run as frequently as needed — produce automated reports weekly, monthly, quarterly, or annually