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Quickly Add Value and Raise Customer’s Resilience with Microsoft 365 Security Compliance Powered by Infocyte

Phishing, account takeover (ATO), misdelivery, and misconfiguration are the top four attack vectors impacting your clients today.

Microsoft 365 is the leading business application and email provider, but the security configuration burden is on YOU or the end user who is generally not trained. This leaves an opportunity for significant security exposure.

Microsoft’s Native Alerts and Compliance Manager are complex and can also be information overload. Your customers need a SOC monitoring the environment, providing alerts with experts available on standby to help.

This is where you come in. Infocyte’s easy-to-deploy analysis using Industry Standard CIS Benchmarks + Infocyte additions make providing Microsoft 365 security compliance simple for your customers. Infocyte's Microsoft 365 Security Module will even provide remediation steps to solve misconfiguration and misdelivery issues on your end user's networks to improve their overall security posture.

How does it work? 5 Simple Steps in 15 Minutes

Step 1. Create a Compliance Query for your Microsoft 365 Environment

Microsoft 365 Step 1

Step 2. Scan your Microsoft 365 Environment using Infocyte which leverages Industry Security Standards (CIS Benchmarks for Microsoft 365) to inspect the security stance of your environment

Microsoft 365 Step 2

Step 3. Review your Risk Score along with all the results from the inspection. Export the Summary and Results to provide a customized and branded compliance report.

Microsoft 365 Step 3

Step 4. Dive deep into the results, understand the control and view a detailed Remediation plan to resolve the failure and improve your Risk Score

Microsoft 365 Step 4

Step 5. Stay ahead of changes to your Microsoft 365 Environment and avoid configuration drift by scheduling a recurring inspection

Microsoft 365 Step 5

Additional Features Coming Soon (March and April 2021):
30+ additional controls
Exception process for controls that you and the customer decide should not apply (ex: expiring passwords)
Summary Dashboards with Trends
Additional detection rules designed to stop an attack in progress

The following services are covered within Infocyte’s Microsoft 365 Security Model:
Exchange Online
SharePoint Online
OneDrive for Business
Skype & Teams
Azure Active Directory

1 + 1 = 3

Infocyte's Endpoint Detection and Response coupled with the new Microsoft 365 Security Module will provide detection, response, and compliance across your customer's entire environment--from endpoint to cloud.

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