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cyberdefenses managed security services provider texas


CyberDefenses, an MSSP Alert Top 100 Managed Security Service Provider, leverages decades of experience defending the U.S. Military since 2001 to help protect businesses and federal, state and local governments, including elections, from cyber threats. Visiting client sites and from a state-of-the-art security operations center, teams of CISO advisors, security analysts and intelligence experts deliver…

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solutions granted managed security services

Solutions Granted

Solutions Granted is a full-service managed security service provider serving small and mid-sized businesses across the United States. SGI specializes in endpoint security, perimeter security, email security, cloud and device security, wireless security, and more. In addition, their professional services include security risk and compromise assessments, cyber threat hunting, security incident response, compliance consulting, and…

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avertium managed security services provider


Avertium is a managed security services provider with offices in Arizona, Tennessee, and Virginia. They provide 24×7 managed security services including vulnerability assessments, security compromise and IT risk assessments, PCI and HIPAA compliance advising, SOC-as-a-Service, and more.

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