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Managed Security Services Supported by our Network of Certified Partners.

''Infocyte is 10x faster and easier than our old detection and response solution — a combination of two separate platforms.''

''We selected Infocyte after looking at 80 different platforms. Infocyte finds what others miss.''

- Dan Wiley, Head of IR and Security Services at Check Point

''It's ability to locate and isolate patient one and infected endpoints is unsurpassed and it's ability to detect endpoint compromise without the complexity of SIEMs and Deep Packet Inspection make it an invaluable tool in the cybersecurity arsenals.''

- Bruce B., President/CEO, Security and Investigations

“We deployed Infocyte into multiple customer environments and found the speed, ease of use, and effectiveness of Infocyte far exceeds competing solutions in the IR space.”

- Jim Priddin, Head of IR and Cyber Investigations at Grant Thornton

''Infocyte has added vast amounts of automation — to the point where an entire network can be assessed within a day.''

''After deploying Infocyte, our detection and response time decreased from 6 weeks with multiple assets to under 1 week with only 1 analyst.''

''Infocyte has developed a product that can do much of the heavy lifting—remotely.''

“Infocyte has some of the best customer support I've encountered in my 20 years in IT.”

- Adam D., L3 Systems Engineer

“The ability to stand up a full incident response investigation in a matter of minutes is vital to support our mission. The simplicity of deployment and the ability to identify malicious content on tens of thousands of hosts compresses the incident response life cycle.”

- Daniel W., Head of Incident Response, Computer & Network Security 1,001 - 5,000 employees

''Infocyte's quality, technical expertise, and speed of implementation is second to none.''

- Mark Grosvenor, CTO at NFP

''They key difference is the automation with Infocyte. As a result we can run a lot of compromise assessments quickly, and in parallel if needed.''

Security Capabilities Comparison

Compare antivirus and EDR tools to Infocyte.

Leveraging Infocyte's MDR Services

Command-level subscribers have full access to Infocyte's Security Operations Center (SOC) via support ticket, email, phone, and/or chat.

Incident Notification

We review alerts and suspicious leads identified with our threat hunting platform and notify your team of any issues that require your attention—immediately.

Managed Threat Hunting

We review and report the data collected by Infocyte HUNT, helping you identify any cyber threats or issues that escaped immediate categorization.

Malware Analysis

We review any suspicious malware samples flagged and forwarded to our SOC, and provide determination of the status to your security team.

Incident Response

We review commodity threats (those not worth the agony of a wipe and reload) and provide recommendations for dealing with complex cyber threats.

Post-incident Certification

There's nothing worse than responding to an incident only to have the attacker return. Using Infocyte HUNT, we'll verify the infection is completely eliminated.

Request a Threat Assessment

Validate Security Controls and Assess Your Cyber Risk.


Most small and mid-sized businesses lack sufficient cybersecurity resources to effectively monitor, analyze, and respond to cyber threats.

Our Managed Detection and Response services (available to partners and customers subscribed to our Command-level subscription) supplement and support your in-house security team with Infocyte-specific product knowledge, malware analysis capabilities, lightweight incident response, and more.

Infocyte's managed detection and response services include:

  • On-demand access to our team of experienced threat hunters and malware analysts
  • Assistance with analyzing and understanding Infocyte HUNT data and results
  • Triage and incident scoping to determine past attacker activity
  • First-hour Incident Response, containment, and remediation (when possible)
  • Post-incident recommendations and prevention of future attacks

Additional MDR services are available via our global partner network. Please contact us to learn more about managed detection and response services.

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Infocyte HUNT: Command


Starting at $5/node per month

Everything you need on auto-pilot: IT Asset Discovery, SIEM Alert Validation, Advanced Threat Detection, Vulnerability Scanning, and Security Incident Response — including unlimited scans, API access, custom reporting, and enterprise support.

Managed detection and response (MDR) services are supported by our global network of partners, including some of the world's leading managed security service providers (MSSPs).

Additional MDR Services

The following managed detection and response services are available for an additional fee, via our global partner network.
Compromise Assessments
Computer and Network Forensics
Digital Investigations Support
Malware Reverse Engineering