infocyte chris auger

Chris Auger

Vice President of Sales
Chris brings 20+ years of experience leading all types of sales teams—from startups to large enterprises like Dell and SonicWall. He leads our inside and outside sales teams.

Chris graduated from the University of Texas at Austin where he majored in Physics, minored in Math, and met his wife. He began his sales career on the technical and pre-sales side at Dell—focusing on enterprise architecture and strategy.

After over a decade at Dell, Chris moved to SonicWall and revitalized their growth, leading the sales team covering the Americas and preparing SonicWall for divestiture from Dell.

Upon separation from Dell, Chris continued leading SonicWall's Americas sales team, where he focused on channel optimizations and strategic routes to market, forming highly successful FED, SLED, and Retail sales teams.

Following his tenure at SonicWall, Chris worked closely with Talari to optimize its sales processes, leading to the successful acquisition of Talari by Oracle Communication.

Chris leverages a deep understanding of sales—process, tactics, and strategy—and brings a proven track record of leading high-growth teams. Chris also has a keen eye for identifying optimal paths to reach, engage, and dominate market segments.

In addition to leading our sales efforts and helping Infocyte continue triple-digit growth, Chris will improve and foster team alignment, building synergies between product, sales, and marketing, with the overall goal of helping our customers quickly detect, contain, and respond to cyber threats.