Shawn Reilly ❘ Sales - East


Shawn Reilly manages sales for the East at Infocyte, with responsibility for sales growth, team building, partner development and customer advisory. 

Shawn has 23 years of experience working in strategic business development and sales leadership at several companies. He has earned a keen ability to educate customers and team members on complex products to ensure they are well educated about the associated value his company brings to the table. Prior to joining Infocyte, Shawn spent almost 6 years at Dell SonicWall leading the Northeast business through a massive growth transformation.

Shawn’s greatest strengths are his positive thinking, drive and leadership. He thrives on challenges, particularly those that expand the company’s reach. One of Shawn’s career achievements involved building a key strategic partnership while working at Array Networks which resulted in millions of dollars in revenue. 

Shawn studied Business Law and Accounting at Nassau Community College in Garden City, NY.