Rohit Dhamankar | VP of Product

Rohit Dhamankar is VP of Product at Infocyte, and is responsible for defining the company's product and strategy.

Dhamankar brings more than 15 years of security industry experience across product management, threat research, technical sales and customer solutions.

Prior to Infocyte, Dhamankar has worked in senior roles in several start-up companies in the areas of security analytics, intrusion detection/prevention, end-point protection, and security risk and compliance. His previous roles include VP, Click Labs Solutions at Click Security, acquired by AlertLogic, and he was a Co-Founder of Jumpshot, acquired by Avast. He has spoken at several security conferences and customer events world-wide including BlackHat and RSA, and has been quoted in many industry publications including the Wall Street Journal and USA Today. Dhamankar has also worked with the SANS Institute for a number of years to drive awareness around the latest security vulnerabilities and attacks. 

Dhamankar holds a Master of Science in Electrical Engg from the University of Texas Austin and a Master of Science in Physics from IIT in Kanpur, India.