Irena Mroz | VP of Marketing

Irena Mroz is VP of Marketing at Infocyte and is responsible for defining the company's Marketing, Public Relations and Social Media programs. 

As the Vice President of Marketing for Infocyte, Irena Mroz leverages more than 20 years of expertise to oversee the company's global marketing initiatives. An innovative strategist with impeccable attention to detail, Mroz directs Infocyte’s worldwide Marketing, Public Relations and Social Media programs.

From branding, lead gen and product launches, to high profile events, content development and virtual team management, Mroz has built her successful career on empowering public and private software companies to exceed growth objectives. 

Prior to Infocyte, Mroz served as the Senior Vice President of Marketing for Cryptzone where she oversaw the company's global marketing, communications and lead generation initiatives. Mroz was also the Vice President of Marketing for HiSoftware, a provider of governance, compliance and security solutions acquired by Cryptzone in 2014. She led the integration of the two global marketing organizations, while managing development of all strategic marketing programs and communications for the joint entity.

Her previous roles include senior marketing positions at Bottomline Technologies and Create!form International. Mroz holds a Bachelor of Science in Mass Communications from Boston University’s College of Communication.