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Leadership Team

Infocyte's co-founders have a deep background in security with over 3,000 proactive threat hunting and incident response missions.
Leveraging deep technical expertise in enterprise security and software development, our leadership team dedicates time, talent, and passion to fundamentally improve cybersecurity and turn the tide against those who would do harm in the digital domain.
As CEO, Curtis Hutcheson brings a growth-oriented leadership style to Infocyte that’s fueled by 25+ years with global technology companies.
Co-founder, VP of Threat Intelligence & Response
Chris, a retired Air Force officer and service-disabled veteran, is a pioneer in defensive cyberspace operations having stood up the U.S. Air Force's first interactive Defensive Counter Cyberspace (DCC) practice.
Co-founder, CTO
Major Ryan "Russ" Morris brings over 15 years of computer security experience to Infocyte including administration and offensive exploitation of all major computing platforms.
Head of Engineering
As the leader of the Engineering team, Tim leverages over two decades of experience in software development across legal, medical, and telecommunications industries.
VP of Customer & Partner Success
Chris leads our customer success team with the sole focus on helping customers and partners get the best value out of Infocyte's products and services.
Vice President, Sales
Chris applies 20+ years of sales leadership experience in a wide range of roles—from startup environments to large enterprise sales teams—to better align Infocyte's Sales & Marketing functions and acquire more customers and partners.


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