Infocyte HUNT App for Splunk 

The Infocyte HUNT App for Splunk seamlessly integrates the Infocyte HUNT threat hunting platform to provide Splunk users with endpoint threat detection capabilities and single pane of glass reporting for more comprehensive threat discovery and improve incident response times.

With the Infocyte HUNT App, Splunk users benefit from a comprehensive endpoint threat detection platform that empowers them to more successfully identify threats and more easily search for other machines that are compromised when a threat is detected. Additional Infocyte HUNT Splunk App capabilities include:

  • Reduced Incident Resolution Time –  Pivots from Infocyte findings to historical logs and machine data for faster correlation and investigation.
  • Trend Analysis and Reporting – Customized search, display and reporting of hunt findings over time.
  • Alerting and Event Triggers – Trigger endpoint scans based on SEIM / Sensor alerts.
  • Single Pane of Glass Security – Integration of the two platforms enables single pane of glass for security management, and data collection analysis.



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