Discovering Security Breaches

Attackers often dwell inside an organization's network for months, sometimes years, before being detected. Despite significant investment in defensive technologies, malware and persistent threats continue to breach these defenses and gain a foothold into targeted organizations. Modern cybersecurity teams must employ proactive threat hunting practices to ensure these increasingly sophisticated and often well hidden attackers cannot remain in your network undetected.

Infocyte HUNT provides a simple yet powerful solution designed to catch what prevention technologies miss and mitigate the damage that can be caused from prolonged unauthorized access.


Infocyte HUNT

The premier threat hunting solution for organizations possessing critical information and assets.

Infocyte HUNT is an agentless software solution designed to detect hidden threats without the burden of complicated equipment or endpoint software installations.

Infocyte's forensic automation and cloud-based threat intelligence arms security teams and assessors with the power to discover hidden malware and persistent threats, active or dormant, that have evaded existing defenses.

Ready to start hunting?