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Extended Detection and Response for Healthcare

Healthcare organizations have various types of specialized hospital information systems such as EHR systems, e-prescribing systems, practice management support systems, clinical decision support systems, radiology information systems and computerized physician order entry systems. Not only this, but healthcare organizations and hospitals must protect their data as well as their patients to comply with HIPAA.

From there, Infocyte can streamline asset discovery, alert validation, threat detection, forensic analysis, incident response, remediation and recovery within a single cloud based platform that reaches ALL of your endpoints and cloud services.

See how we stopped a ransomware attack in its tracks for a large hospital district.

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Infocyte Protects What Matters Most

Protect Your:


Medical records and sensitive data



Privileged users


Costly HIPAA Violations

Data loss

Ransomware and ransom demands

Account takeover (ATO)

Facility downtime due to security events

How? Fast Detection, Faster Response.

Threat Assessments

Assess and Strengthen Your Cybersecurity Posture

Discover hidden threats — past and present — with the only agentless SaaS platform built for threat hunting and cost-effective assessments.

Endpoint Detection & Response Platform

Collect, Analyze, and Understand Risks

Hunt, detect, and respond to sophisticated cyber threats at scale.

Infocyte's endpoint detection and response coupled with the Microsoft 365 Security Module provides detection, response, and compliance across your entire environment.

Protect cloud services like Microsoft 365

Challenges include security configuration issues and lack of visibility into whether best practices are or are not being met. Having an easy way to monitor and alert when configurations from an established baseline are modified and conflict with established Microsoft 365 security best practices.

Help When You Need It

When responding to a security incident, speed matters. Infocyte streamlines incident response operations enabling you to quickly investigate unknown threats, identify patient zero, isolate compromised hosts, and provide faster incident response.

Security teams that pre-deploy Infocyte can achieve a 20-minute mean time to respond (MTTR) from detection through to incident response and remediation.

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