Independently validate your cybersecurity posture and discover what your antivirus software, next-gen firewalls, and other defensive tools are missing.

What is a Compromise Assessment?

The first step to a strong cybersecurity strategy is understanding the current state of your network.

A Compromise Assessment (sometimes called a "risk assessment") independently and conclusively verifies the security posture of your IT environment (physical and virtual) and answers the following questions:

  1. Are we hacked?
  2. Can we be hacked?
  3. What can be hacked?

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The Infocyte HUNT Compromise Assessment

Compromise Assessments conducted with Infocyte HUNT are faster, more comprehensive, and more conclusive than traditional network and cybersecurity risk assessments — capable of detecting advanced cyber threats like file-less malware, hidden backdoors, unknown breaches, application vulnerabilities, and more.