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Infocyte Launches Microsoft 365 and Azure Security for Extended Detection and Incident Response

This post was last updated on July 4th, 2021 at 08:10 am

AUSTIN, Texas–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Infocyte, a recognized leader in advanced endpoint detection and incident response, today announced its Microsoft 365 Security Module. This solution quickly inspects, hardens and monitors Microsoft 365 environments for mid-market customers and Infocyte partners. Based on information from the 2020 Verizon Data Breach Investigation Report, phishing, credential theft and misconfiguration actions continue to rise and led to more than 50 percent of the breaches last year. As a result of this, Infocyte aimed to provide a simple solution for Microsoft 365 to combat these highly successful attack vectors. Although Microsoft 365 has strong security capabilities when configured properly and monitored, many subscribers do not have the expertise, tools or time to do so.

“Microsoft 365 continues to be the most targeted and vulnerable asset exploited in today’s work from home environment. We continue to see adversaries exploit misconfigured and unmonitored accounts. As a trusted Infocyte and Microsoft partner, we worked closely with Infocyte to collaborate on an easy solution to help close this gap,” said Daniel Wiley, chief security advisor and head of threat management at Check Point Software Technologies, Ltd. “Infocyte developed an innovative solution that quickly secures Microsoft 365 without putting any risk or operating burden on the customer or partner.” Check Point is now including Infocyte’s Microsoft 365 solution in its Threat and Security Assessments going forward.

“When combined with Infocyte’s endpoint detection and response solution, Infocyte now provides comprehensive endpoint protection to cloud security and compliance for customers operating in today’s dynamic remote and work from home environment,” said Curtis Hutcheson, chief executive officer of Infocyte, Inc. “Many customers do conduct annual risk and compliance reviews of Microsoft 365 and their network, but this is no longer enough. Continuous reviews of Microsoft 365 and endpoints utilizing industry standard must be done on a regular basis and monitored continuously.”

“Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, companies have had to move overnight to accommodate their employees and enable working remotely. Employees are plugging directly into the cloud applications and that can introduce considerable risk to the business,” said John Norden, chief security officer and vice president of engineering at Infocyte, Inc. “Infocyte inspects and exposes security risk within your Microsoft 365 environment within minutes and gives you immediate remediation assistance.”

“We see attack vectors evolving to advanced malware such as password dumper error to access the massive cloud applications and storage within Microsoft 365. Infocyte’s Microsoft 365 Security Module eliminates the burden of native alert overload and monitoring various SaaS applications,” said Michael Crean, chief executive officer of Solutions Granted, Inc. “As we deploy this intuitive and unmatched security solution, customers are relieved to have a solution that reduces Microsoft 365 security complexity.”

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Founded by the leaders of the United States Air Force Cyber Incident Response Team (AFCIRT), Infocyte is the globally trusted leader in proactive threat detection and incident response. The world’s leading security and incident response companies use Infocyte’s platform to proactively detect and respond to vulnerabilities and threats within their customers’ endpoints, data centers, and cloud environments. Infocyte’s team and partner ecosystem help organizations maintain compliance, stop ransomware and account takeover, reduce risk, optimize security operations, and scale security teams. Infocyte is the faster, simpler, smarter way to detect and orchestrate response to sophisticated threats.

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