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Quickly and conclusively validate, categorize, and prioritize your SIEM alerts.



End alert fatigue and improve your incident response readiness.

SIEM Alert Validation

Make your security analysts 10x more productive.

Security teams review ~12,000 alerts/week. Infocyte HUNT automatically reviews, analyzes, and prioritizes your SIEM alerts—filtering out false positives and false negatives—so you can focus on real threats.


Infocyte HUNT automatically eliminates the false positives, reduces false negatives, and quickly identifies which security alerts to escalate and address.


Utilize your existing cybersecurity infrastructure, reduce noise, and enable your team to prevent security incidents from becoming full-blown breaches.


Reduce the resources required to manually review your SIEM alert logs and low-priority alerts, allowing them to focus on high-priority, validated alerts.

Validate alerts from your SIEM in seconds

End alert fatigute — HUNT helps you focus your IR and remediation efforts.
infocyte siem alert validation

Security information and event management (SIEM) systems are designed to detect suspicious network activity. Unfortunately, SIEMs produce a lot of alerts — in some cases, millions per day — and despite efforts to deduplicate, contextualize, and correlate these alerts, SIEMs still drown security teams in irrelevant and/or false-positive data.

Prioritizing and addressing alerts from your SIEM and security stack is a massive undertaking for security teams and SOC managers — until now. Infocyte HUNT automates and streamlines alert validation and prioritization, so you don't have to.

Filter out false-positives and instantly identify which alerts to escalate

Significantly reduce the time and resources required to review alerts

Enable your SOC managers and security team to focus on real threats

Leverage and make better use of your existing security investments

Automated alert triage helps you determine which alerts can be ignored and which are actionable threats that need escalation. Unlike SIEM alerts that are often correlated from two or more secondary or tertiary security product alerts that often lead to erroneous conclusions, Infocyte HUNT surveys endpoint using Forensic State Analysis (FSA) to look for irrefutable evidence of a threat.

By inspecting the compromise state of endpoints, HUNT provides a scalable and integrated endpoint interrogation solution to validate alerts. Our dissolvable agents independently collect, identify, and evaluate a variety of data (active processes, in-memory executable codes, auto-runs, execution artifacts, OS subversion, API hooks, abnormal configurations, disabled controls and more).

Then, HUNT automatically analyzes the data using forensic analytics and file intelligence services. This approach also inspects OS and application persistence mechanisms, which can trigger the execution of code or executables. This provides a far deeper and more conclusive examination of an endpoint’s state to let you know if the alert is in fact real (or fake).

Contact Infocyte to learn how HUNT automates, simplifies, and streamlines alert validation and prioritization — saving you time, money, and resources.

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