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Advanced Threat Detection

Infocyte combines live and historical in-memory forensics with continuous monitoring, enabling you to identify, investigate, and respond to advanced cyber threats at scale.

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cyber incident response dashboard

Advance your threat detection capabilities, automate your cyber incident response, and streamline security operations. Detect, respond, and remediate faster with Infocyte.

Advanced Threat Detection

How Infocyte Works

Deploy Infocyte independently or integrate with your endpoint security tools.

Deploy Infocyte as a standalone detection and response tool.
cloud based endpoint detection and response security
Integrate Infocyte with other endpoint security tools.
agentless endpoint detection and response security solutions

Improve detection efficacy and streamline incident response across Windows, Linux, and macOS.

detecting memory injections
Expose, isolate, and eliminate file-less threats, including malicious memory injections.

Detect fileless threats.

Our patent-pending forensic detection and analysis technique hunts for malicious threats hiding in live volatile memory. Go beyond basic threat intel and risk scoring to understand the structure and characteristics of sophisticated memory injections.

Identify unknown malware.

As an independent detection and response platform, Infocyte establishes ground truth. Conclusively identify malicious threats in your on-premise, data center, and cloud architectures. Understand your risk score with primary and third-party threat intelligence and make intelligent decisions, fast.

primary threat intelligence
Classify and score unknown threats using over thirty different threat intel sources.
root cause analysis activity trace
Automatically perform root cause analysis and identify patient zero with Activity Trace.

Pinpoint patient zero.

Infocyte forensically investigates threats and performs root cause analysis to identify patient zero. Our platform can even determine root cause for threats dwelling long before Infocyte was deployed. Infocyte can even automatically isolate infected hosts and perform additional analysis using custom Extensions.

Expose vulnerabilities.

To streamline detection and response, Infocyte enumerates the assets in your environment. During asset discovery, Infocyte automatically scans your physical and virtual hosts, systems, and servers for vulnerabilities. Expose vulnerable applications, identities, accounts, and more present in your environment.

application vulnerability scan
Review all instances of vulnerable applications across your network.
infocyte platform extensions
Build, deploy, and share custom collection and action Extensions on Infocyte.

Extend your endpoint security.

Extend your EDR, SIEM, SOAR, and more with Infocyte's custom collection (analysis) and action (response) capabilities. Create, share, and deploy custom extensions on our platform to automatically investigate security incidents, isolate infected hosts, run PII forensics, use Windows Volume Shadow Copy, and more.