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Advanced Threat Detection with Infocyte Managed Detection and Response (MDR)

Infocyte continuously inspects and monitors all your hosts to identify and stop advanced attacks before an incident occurs.

cyber incident response dashboard

Why Infocyte?

Continuous Monitoring of Endpoints

Continuous monitoring collects activity on the endpoint so you are aware of threats in the environment - from threats on a single host to an organization-wide advanced threat campaign

In-Depth Detection and Instant Response

Live and historical memory forensics along with behavioral detection of the top 20 most common and effective adversary tactics allows quick detection of threats and puts you in the right position to quickly respond at scale

Increase Security Efficiency

Infocyte increases overall security capabilities and efficiency by allowing users to easily navigate through alerts, dive into details and quickly assess, investigate, and respond to attacks at scale


All Hosts Platform Screenshot
Expose, isolate, and eliminate file-less threats, including malicious memory injections.

Key Capabilities

  • Deploy in minutes, automated host discovery, works on day one
  • Agent or Agentless deployment
  • Continuously monitor endpoints
  • Detect the latests and emerging threats through Infocyte SYNAPSE and Behavioral Analytics Engine
  • Quickly identify threats, dive into the details and review collected data for analysis
  • Simplified Threat Hunting at your fingertips through detailed analysis and ActivityTrace
  • One-Click response to identified threats using Infocyte provided Response Actions or customize your own

Advanced Detection and Response

  • Infocyte SYNAPSE automatically assesses incoming endpoint data to identify malicious and attacker activity
  • The Behavior Analysis Engine identifies behaviors to highlight leading indicators of compromise and maps them to the MITRE ATT&CK framework
  • Leverage Infocyte provided Detection Rules or develop your own to fit the needs of your organization
  • Respond to threats in a single click or execute a scaled series of responses to mitigate a wide-spread attack
Infocyte Alerting Summary
MITRE Behavioral, Advanced Threats and MS 365 in a unified alert inbox
Alerts Platform Screenshot
Alerts allow you to quickly filter, investigate, and resolve the most critical issues.

Increased Security Efficiency

  • Herd Immunity for new and evolving threats with Infocyte Behavior and Analytics Engine - Detection Analytics applied across the entire customer base
  • Flagging and established Severity of alerts allows you to quickly filter, investigate and resolve the most critical issues
  • Infocyte’s API-First platform allows you to easily integrate with your existing security tools
  • One-Click response allows you to take approved response actions to remediate threats through the most efficient means possible

Services & Security Add-Ons

An Easy Way to Begin Assessing Your Environment

Infocyte offers one-time Threat or compromise Assessments for your endpoints or Microsoft 365 environment for a fixed price. We have agentless or agent-based threat assessment options available to you to show you the value that we can provide.

Help When You Need It

When responding to a security incident, speed matters. Infocyte streamlines incident response operations enabling you to quickly investigate unknown threats, identify patient zero, isolate compromised hosts, and provide faster incident response. Security teams that pre-deploy Infocyte can achieve a 20-minute mean time to respond (MTTR) from detection through to incident response and remediation.