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Endpoint Detection and Response + Microsoft 365 Security

Hunt, detect, and respond to sophisticated cyber threats at scale across your entire environment--from endpoints to Microsoft 365. Reduce cyber risk, control dwell time, and streamline cyber-security operations with Infocyte.


Trusted by Leading Incident Response and Managed Security Service Providers

Join our partners delivering fast, flexible, and cost-effective Compromise and Threat Assessments, Incident Response, and Managed Security Services.

Protecting your endpoints as well as cloud services like Microsoft 365 are critical for detecting and responding to advanced threats.

Compromised Credentials & Endpoint Compromise Flow

The Infocyte Platform provides the following capabilities:

  • Improve visibility into your organization’s assets, users, Microsoft 365 business environment and and installed applications.
  • Help keep costs under control by finding unused Microsoft 365 licenses and understand overall utilization across the environment.
  • Test your company on known standards for security and configuration.
  • Establish and enforce policies that the company must comply with regarding assets, license usage and installed applications.
  • Build and leverage rules to inform of vulnerabilities, threats and malicious activities.
  • Monitor and be alerted when the company security stance changes.
  • Ensure the company’s endpoints are reviewed for vulnerabilities, threats and malicious activity.
  • Allow your team the flexibility to dig into the details of findings and expand the team’s ability to protect the company without added cost to operating expenses.
  • If your team is small or not experts on root cause analyst, Infocyte guides them to the root-cause of problems.
  • Quickly respond to threats to company assets.
  • Enable your team to quickly disable access to endpoints and sensitive cloud applications.
  • Allow your team to automatically respond and remediate should threats arise that must be dealt with quickly.
  • View reports and dashboards to fully understand the current state of security and trends.
  • Create compliance and audit ready reports for your IT or security team.

Core Platform Features

Microsoft 365 Security Compliance

Scalable Incident Response

Continuous Threat Monitoring

Agentless Threat Assessments

Advanced Threat Detection

Integrated Platform Extensions

Why Infocyte?

Veteran-founded and led, Infocyte is a cloud-hosted endpoint detection and response platform that helps security teams quickly expose, isolate, and eliminate sophisticated cyber threats, risks, and vulnerabilities. Infocyte also provides assessment and continuous evaluation of your Microsoft 365 security compliance, providing insight into remediation steps if certain standards are not met.

Simple Deployment & Configuration

Configuration and deployment is simple from the cloud within minutes via persistent agent or agentless methods, without impacting network productivity or business continuity.

Infocyte functions as a standalone detection and response solution, or as part of your existing endpoint security ecosystem, complementing your SIEM, SOAR, AV, and more. For security teams with a Security Operations Center (SOC), Infocyte is integrated with their existing endpoint security tools to close gaps, extend their detection and response capabilities, and streamline cyber-security operations.

SOC 2 Compliant

Infocyte’s platform is SOC2 compliant and all data collected for analysis is segregated and private.

Trusted 'First Hour' Incident Response

Trusted by Check Point and other top IR firms, Infocyte provides rapid Incident Response with a guaranteed response of 60 minutes or less for Infocyte Command customers. We help stop your security events from becoming incidents.

Complete a threat assessment with Infocyte for a fixed price, three month engagement to understand past, present, and future threats to your organization. If understanding your software supply chain is also critical to your organization, we can help.