Vídeos de formación del DFIR

These Digital Forensics and Incident Response (DFIR) training videos help security analysts, incident responders, and the cybersecurity community expose, isolate, investigate, and eliminate security incidents. Enjoy!

Vídeos de formación en análisis forense digital y respuesta a incidentes (DFIR)

DFIR Training (04/2020)

Remote Desktop Protocol Incidents

Remote Desktop's ubiquity makes it a target. Explore attack vectors. Host-level triage using different tools such as event logs, sysmon, and other types of EDR. End with a discussion on best practices for securing RDP.

DFIR Training (02/2020)

Maintaining Remote Access During Security Incident Response

Learn how to establish and maintain remote access to endpoints during cyber security incident response investigations. Explore GPOs and RMM tools, agentless triage via WMI, Powershell Remoting, and SSH.

DFIR Training (01/2020)

Artifact Triage in Security Incident Response Investigations

During this DFIR training, Chris focuses on artifact triage during incident response investigations. Reviewing shimcache, amcache, and process event logs, hunting for answers and patient zero.

Formación DFIR (12/2019)

Detecting and Responding to Host-based Cyber Attacks

Únase al cofundador y director de productos de Infocyte, Chris Gerritz, en una sesión de formación práctica sobre análisis forense digital y respuesta a incidentes (DFIR) que cubre la detección, la investigación y la respuesta a los ataques cibernéticos basados en el host.