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Infocyte Completes first 100 Microsoft 365 Security and Compliance Assessments

This post was last updated on November 12th, 2021 at 04:41 pmOrganizations Struggle with Proper Microsoft 365 Configuration with 28% Average Compliance Score (less than 50% of our target) Microsoft 365 (aka Office or O365 or MS 365) is the most popular SaaS productivity and back-office platform in the market today. The MS 365 platform…

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cyber security compromise assessment

What is a Cyber Security Compromise Assessment and Why You Need One—Now

This post was last updated on November 12th, 2021 at 04:41 pmLet’s step away from thinking about infrastructures and networks in the usual context. Try not to think about your organization’s systems as just some combination of applications, servers, and digital connections that make everything work. Instead, think about your collective “systems” as an organism, a…

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Infocyte Partners With Check Point Software Technologies For Cloud-delivered Compromise Assessments, Proactive Threat Detection, Faster Incident Response

Infocyte, a cybersecurity company focused on proactive threat detection and incident response, and Check Point Software Technologies Ltd., a leading provider of cyber security solutions globally, are partnering to deliver faster threat detection and incident response services on compromised hosts. As part of the partnership Infocyte’s platform, Infocyte HUNT, will be integrated with Check Point’s suite of advanced services.

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cyber risk compromise assessment

Cyber Security Compromise Assessments vs Vulnerability Assessments

During the recent International Cyber Security and Intelligence Conference info security execs were lectured on the importance of being proactive vs reactive to stop cyberattacks. As part of a proactive strategy speaker Nik Alleyne, senior manager of cyber security at Forsythe Solutions Group, recommended vulnerability assessments and regular penetration tests. While these are important tools for evaluating cybersecurity risk, they only answer half of the security paradox; “Can I be hacked?” They do not answer the more vital question; “Am I already breached?”

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The Role of Compromise Assessments in Enterprise Security

The role of intrusion detection is typically fulfilled by real-time intrusion detection systems and anti-virus software in conjunction with a continuous monitoring strategy. A compromise assessment differs from intrusion detection in that it is an active dedication of analytical resources with a focus on indicators of successful compromise. 

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