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IDC Profiles Infocyte’s Managed Threat Hunting and Response Services

Market Intelligence Firm, IDC, Profiles Infocyte’s Managed Threat Hunting, and Lightweight Incident Response Services

International Data Corporation (IDC) has 1,100+ analysts and provides market intelligence, advisory services, and professional events in the IT, telecom, and consumer tech markets in over 110 countries worldwide. IDC publishes “Vendor Profiles” to inform people (prospects, customers, and the general public) about a particular company—its position in the market, its products/services, and more.

Earlier this month, IDC shared their insights about our company, our products (an automated, intelligent threat hunting and incident response platform) and our services (managed threat hunting, lightweight incident response, compromise assessments, and more).

In addition, IDC’s Vendor Profile (available for download below) highlights our competitive differentiators and key success factors, including our strategy in the cyber threat hunting space, product/service offerings (including new MDR services), and target markets.

Click the link below to view a PDF of “Automating Threat Hunting For The Rest Of Us”—IDC’s Vendor Profile of Infocyte by Robert Ayoub and Sean Pike.

View Infocyte’s IDC Vendor Profile »

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