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If they try it, we'll stop it.

Stop ransomware, stop account takeover, scale your team, and reduce overall financial risk with Infocyte.

See how we continue to impress seasoned veterans, industry leaders, and novices alike.

detection and response platform

Trusted by Leading Incident Response and Managed Security Service Providers

Join our partners delivering fast, flexible, and cost-effective Compromise and Threat Assessments, Incident Response, and Managed Security Services.

Infocyte Platform Overview

Veteran-founded Infocyte is the only Managed Detection and Response (MDR) provider solely focused on detection and response, enabling you to deploy it with your existing Endpoint Protection Platform (EPP) investments or MS Defender. Our platform has recently expanded to include Microsoft 365 Security for extended detection and response.

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Live Forensic Analysis

Hunt and detect advanced persistent threats and fileless malware with historical and automated live memory forensic analysis.

Continuous Monitoring

Combined with historical data, Infocyte's continuous monitoring helps incident response teams investigate and remediate advanced threats.

Fast Incident Response

Extensible response options enable security teams to quickly isolate hosts, analyze unknown threats, and respond to security incidents at scale.

Platform Benefits

detect and respond to file-less cyber threats

Fileless Threat Detection and Response

Modern attacks and malware target memory. Antivirus software and endpoint security tools are limited in their ability to detect these fileless threats. Infocyte continuously monitors and inspects memory across your endpoints, closing the detection gap for stealthy attack techniques.

Advanced Forensic Analysis

Advanced forensic analysis that resolves historical forensic data with real-time event data so you can quickly determine root cause, identify patient zero and investigate unknown cyber threats.

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real time threats alert screenshot

Real-Time Threat Alerts

Automatically hunt for advanced cyber threats across your IT environment, including your cloud, on-premises, distributed and datacenter assets. Infocyte immediately notifies you as it detects new threats.

Agentless Threat Assessments

Infocyte uniquely offers an agentless deployment option, this enables asset discovery and conclusive threat and vulnerability remediation to start in minutes, not days, weeks or months.

agentless threat assessments
Extension Options- Selected Extensions: Host Isolation. Available Extensions: Host Isolation Restore.

Instant Global Remediation

Global cross-platform visibility allows you to respond to threats within minutes. Immediately isolate compromised hosts with root cause analysis.

What Our Customers Say

"Infocyte es 10 veces más rápido y fácil que nuestra vieja solución de detección y respuesta, una combinación de dos plataformas separadas.

''We selected Infocyte after looking at and evaluating multiple different platforms. Infocyte finds what others miss.''

- Dan Wiley, Jefe de IR y Servicios de Seguridad en Check Point

"Infocyte ha añadido grandes cantidades de automatización - hasta el punto de que una red entera puede ser evaluada en un día.

"Después de desplegar Infocyte, nuestro tiempo de detección y respuesta disminuyó de 6 semanas con múltiples activos a menos de 1 semana con sólo un analista".

"Infocyte ha desarrollado un producto que puede hacer mucho del trabajo pesado, remotamente.

“We deployed Infocyte into multiple customer environments and found the speed, ease of use, and effectiveness of Infocyte far exceeds competing solutions in the IR space.”

- Jim Priddin, Jefe de Investigaciones de IR y Cibernéticas de Grant Thornton

''Infocyte is an affordable, nimble, effective tool for the cyber risk assessment space.''

"La calidad, la experiencia técnica y la rapidez de implementación son insuperables.

- Mark Grosvenor, CTO en NFP

''The key difference is the automation with Infocyte. As a result we can run a lot of compromise assessments quickly, and in parallel if needed.''

''Infocyte is the only solution (to our knowledge) that is already positioned to deal with the discovery of the next wave of in-memory malware - evasion techniques like reduced memory protections and malleable PE that are already in Red-team tools like PowerShell Empire and Cobalt Strike.''

- Rafael S., Sr. Global Forensic Analyst at 1,001-5,000 emp. IT & Services Company

''It's ability to locate and isolate patient one and infected endpoints is unsurpassed and it's ability to detect endpoint compromise without the complexity of SIEMs and Deep Packet Inspection make it an invaluable tool in the cybersecurity arsenals.''

- Bruce B., President/CEO at Security & Investigations Company

Visión de analista

La solución forense basada en la nube de Infocyte, independiente de otras herramientas de seguridad, debería proporcionar a la empresa la diferenciación necesaria para destacar se en un mercado lleno de gente y confuso.
por Aaron Sherrill


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