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Infocyte for Election Security

Cybersecurity is a fundamental pillar of ensuring secure elections. Elections infrastructure, systems, and organizations that administer elections can all be at risk for cyber threats without proper security practices and controls.

Infocyte can help assess and strengthen security for elections entities, systems, infrastructure and more. Our threat assessments employ multiple standards, including the NIST Cyber Security Framework (CSF). The methodology leverages the best practices and expertise gleaned from decades of experience and from helping clients handle and recover from cyberattacks.

Infocyte Helps MSSP CyberDefenses Perform End-to-End Election Security Assessments

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Infocyte has three main advantages vs. traditional endpoint tools and questionnaire-based security assessments:

Agentless Rapid Deployment:

Infocyte’s agentless deployment allows for rapid inspection (< 5 minutes per host) across the network without deploying a permanent agent that may impact the host’s performance or introducing the risk of a third party vulnerability. For a typical election network the entire inspection can be completed in two hours.

Remote Deployment & MDR Services:

Infocyte’s SaaS delivery model and expert SOC services enable quick deployment and top hunter analysis without the cost of dedicated headcount or expensive consultants.


Infocyte works independently of protection tools. This independence provides an enhanced depth of defense vs. single technology protection and detection platforms.

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