Data Sheets

Take a closer look at our cyber threat hunting platform, patent-pending Forensic State Analysis (FSA) technology, primary threat intelligence data, and technical specifications.

Data Sheets

Product Brochure

This brochure provides an overview of Infocyte HUNT’s unique approach to cyber threat hunting — our threat hunting platform, capabilities, and benefits.

Forensic State Analysis

Get to know our patent-pending Forensic State Analysis technology, which allows Infocyte HUNT to forensically inspect up to 5,000 endpoints/hour.

Compromise Assessments

Learn more about the benefits of using Infocyte HUNT for Compromise Assessments — including objectivity, rapid deployment, cost-effectiveness, and conclusiveness.

SIEM Alert Validation

Infocyte HUNT instantly categorizes, validates, and prioritizes incoming alerts from your SIEM and security systems, helping reduce noise and enabling you to focus on the important alerts.