infocyte cyber risk scoring

How Infocyte’s MDR Services Significantly Reduce Cyber Risk

This post was last updated on August 18th, 2021 at 05:26 pm

Case Study:

Building on our latest three blog posts in our series outlining how to manage and reduce your organization’s cyber risk, we wanted to show you how these principles (of reducing cyber risk) apply in a real-world case study. To do so, we’ll quickly drill down into detection and response capabilities that can reduce your overall risk.

Infocyte customers have the capability to identify, isolate and contain threats across all hosts. Response Readiness is a measurement of the technical ability for the organization to detect and respond to a future incident or attack. Infocyte also provides independent evaluation outside of the existing security stack.

Consider this case study of a government customer with extremely sensitive data under our Command Subscription (managed detection and response) during the first four months of our engagement. We worked closely with the customer’s security team to dramatically lower the cyber risk and overall exposure…

Customer’s Threats Over Time

reducing cyber risk over time

Customer’s Overall Risk Score Progress

infocyte cyber risk scoring


  • Government network with sensitive data (including PII).
  • The customer had good protection tools but lacked proactive threat hunting and incident response expertise.
  • First three months we identified, resolved, and addressed the root cause of over 80 threats and/or unwanted applications.
  • The organization now demonstrates significantly higher IR readiness and network hygiene.

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