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How Infocyte’s MDR Services Significantly Reduce Cyber Risk

This post was last updated on October 29th, 2021 at 06:41 pm

We all have a certain risk threshold at which we’re comfortable operating. To completely eliminate all cyber risk would also grind day-to-day operations to a halt. We find that a lot of people are surprised to learn, though, that their risk is much higher than they thought it was if they are only using antivirus protection for cybersecurity. Protective measures can be phenomenal, but criminals are working around the clock to penetrate those defenses. It’s important to have measures in place such as managed detection and response (MDR) services to quickly detect and respond to security incidents in case your protection fails.

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MDR Services and Response Readiness

Infocyte customers have the capability to identify, isolate and contain threats across all hosts. This increases their Response Readiness, which is a measurement of the technical ability for the organization to detect and respond to a future incident or attack. Infocyte also provides independent evaluation outside of the existing security stack.

Consider one example of a government customer on our Command Subscription (managed detection and response). This organization had extremely sensitive data, and we tracked their progress during the first four months of our engagement. We worked closely with the customer’s security team to dramatically lower the cyber risk and overall exposure, as you can see in the below graph.

Customer’s Cyber Threats Over Time

reducing cyber risk over time

Customer’s Overall Risk Score Progress

infocyte cyber risk scoring

How Response-Ready is Your Organization?

If an incident were to occur tonight, after business hours, would your team know? What about on weekends or holidays, when most of your staff is at home with their families? If you have good protection tools, but lack proactive threat hunting and incident response expertise, as our customer above did, you could find yourself in trouble.

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