Cyber Security Threat & IT Risk Assessments

Validate your security controls to expose hidden threats and vulnerabilities.

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Benefits with Infocyte


Complete a full Threat Assessment within a few days.


Detect APTs, file-less malware, zero-day attacks, and more.


Deploy and scan your hosts without impacting operations.


Post-assessment reports help you plan and prioritize IR.


Leave Infocyte installed for recurring Threat Assessments.

Cyber Security Compromise, Threat, and Risk Assessments

Frequently Asked Questions

Threat Assessments, sometimes called Compromise Assessments, help security teams expose unknown compromises (threats, risks, and vulnerabilities) in their IT environment.

Infocyte Threat Assessments are fast, conclusive, agent-less, and independent. Quickly and conclusively validate your network security posture and answer critical questions:

  1. Are we breached?
  2. Can we be breached?
  3. What IT assets are at risk?
  4. What vulnerabilities do we have?

In answering these questions, Infocyte helps security teams close gaps in their security tools, tighten environmental security controls, and strengthen their overall security posture.

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